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Thread: Big question about a method i found on the internet

  1. Big question about a method i found on the internet

    How did all of you on here do with this method? http://best-lucid-dreaming-technique...-exercise.html

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    Re: Big question about a method i found on the internet

    All I can say is that I have on occasion had lucid dreams immediately after crossing the sleep threshold that continued what was on my mind at the time. I was, in fact, not even convinced I was sleeping. This would usually change when I realize that something happened that I didn't make up, an unexpected turn of events. Like walking around a corner and seeing a window with outer space and Saturn outside. It can happen that one gets so excited at the thought that one wakes up then.

    The technique sounds worth trying.

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    Re: Big question about a method i found on the internet

    I've never seen this technique - very interesting! It actually reminds me when I used to run track. We were taught to visualize the entire run and see it going well. The idea was to imagine that we were running well, with good form, and fast. If I had known about this technique, then I could have tried it to become lucid and maybe practice running in my dreams, too. Thanks for sharing. I'll give it a shot!

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    Re: Big question about a method i found on the internet

    Nice technique, it reminds me of VILD - visual induced lucid dream. Because you are trying to visualise the dream you want to enter. I thought it was going to be about lucid living/dream yoga or bridging dreams with reality but you proved me wrong, congrats.
    Honestly though, I might be a frequent natural lucid dreamer since self-taught at a young age but can't stress enough how powerful intention is, just place the intention before you go to sleep "i WILL lucid dream tonight" you can even add "....AND it WILL be a very restful sleep" like no crap, you can wake up feeling energised and refreshed simply through intention I am not even kidding. You could even pre-program the exact time to wake up, it's amazing your body just knows. Intention is like placing a memory hook, for example you want to remember you placed your keys on the kitchen table, examine this process within yourself, what happens when you do this? You intentionally remind yourself of it, like etching it into your memory or mind so that you will recall it later on. Same process for intention, etch it into your mind or memory through an act of will, effort or determination, create that mental hook and it will be there. I might even take it a step further and say you can use this same intention technique in ordinary life... intending for the things you want to happen like the free parking bay right outside the entrance, or that green traffic light as you go around the corner. It can work against you though if you etch a negative event as a mental hook, but that's unlikely because it takes at least some effort to form the hook.

    Also note: there is the Silva mind method which uses this sort of daydreaming principle to effect future change. Basically you recreate your actual reality in your mind in great detail whilst meditating (easier then) and change it to how you want it to be. You know, that whole law of attraction manifestation stuff. It's based off remote viewing principles developed and used by the CIA in which they had pretty high success. Guess, what I'm saying is be careful what you wish for, or rather, be careful what you visualise!

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