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Thread: mastering laughing yoga

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    mastering laughing yoga

    have you ever watched mr bean and how good it felt to laugh allot

    You can constantly be non stop laughing allot all of the time

    this thread is for those who want to master laughing yoga, share the wisdom how to master it

    theory when you laugh it activates the gods light in your diaphragm and makes a concoction of loved and laughed at the same time

    i must warn you that laughing to much will over raise your vibration giving a psychic attack

    laughing abundantly helps control victim consciousness and depressed states of negativity changes chemistry in your brain instantaneously
    this thread is also to remind the future me to get into a laughing yoga club here in my location when i re read this thread in the future
    If your my soulmate please contact me immediate-ly asap

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    Re: mastering laughing yoga

    Laughter yoga is like meditating on the Higher Self, because it is impossible to call it un-happy. The happiest part of you, the "Godhead" is gleamed by this art. Making you, the ultimate protagonist - be that The Man, The Christ, The Hero... any old way you do it!

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