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Thread: The Ongoing Debate About Negs

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    Re: The Ongoing Debate About Negs

    Hello - I am a new member on this website, and I must say, that for someone who has been fighting severe neg attacks ALONE, it is wonderful to see this discussion. I can see validity in both sides of the argument, and it gives me hope that I am not alone in my nightmare. I will be listening.
    Thank all of you for your sincere comments.

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    Re: The Ongoing Debate About Negs

    I want to give my 2 cents on this subject, some conclusions I have derived from my experience.
    There are a variety of negative entities, and I suspect that with some of them most of us have met million of times,
    but most of the people are not aware. To me, they feel like insects, and are drawn by emition of negative feelings that we all have from time to time,
    and have a tendency to increase emision of negativity that a human already emanate at that moment. It happened to all of us- situation that
    normally cause negative response in us, but our response is way to intensive that the situation accounts for (this, when you write-off possibility that
    overreaction was due to an emotional entanglement we are not aware off). They usually leave after clear demand of a free will is made (most probably, they are not on a higher level of awareness than we are, so simple intent/statement even without too much energy invested would make them go).
    However, there are higher negative beings whose attacks are so cleverly designed and implemented, that without knowledge of their existence and insight from other people, most us would never suspect their influence. According to my experience, those attacks are mostly initiated when one is ready for the next step on the advancement ladder or is approaching important destiny related crossroad where significant choice is to be made. This kind of attack does not depend in which mood one is at that moment and weather one has positive or negative attitude. For example, I have noticed that if I am in a very positive phase, they would try to erode this positivity either by sending those small negs which alone doesn't account for much, but when in a large numbers wear me off (especially because I am guilty of neglecting this kind of small attacks, sometimes I would just yell "go away" because I am to busy with something to give my full attention. I can account for dare consequences of neglect of those small attacks.), or by arranging a million of small, so called "random" stupid events without any significance (you are in a hurry, but can't find parking space, you get stuck in the traffic jam, someone spills coffee on your dress, that when happen consequently in one day can really piss you off even if you start your day in a very good mood and are really positive person). In my experience, there are signs of approaching attack, and for me, in two cases it was ear ringing, an SMS from one very negative person (since this person is not my friend, just someone I know, I have only received SMS from this person twice, in both cases before a major attack) in the middle of the night and in one case it was stupid, irrelevant song playing in my mind. What came to my mind was that this is a screen for tempering with my brain, and stupid song just stopped at that moment. There are also attacks which are related to lessons not grasped, and those, even though unpleasant, can provide you with valuable information regarding unresolved internal conflict. I am at this moment recovering from a major attack of this last type in which, even though aware of what is going on, aware of every move they made (this attack was implemented by using another human being who was carrier of the attack, most probably not even aware of it, and I definitively gave my consent for this!!!) and even though I have applied countermeasures, ended with a huge energy loss for me which lead to decreasing my health (it was just a fly, but since I am normally very healthy and have a good immunity, this was indicator of a tremendous loss in energy). While some kind of attacks can be stopped by asking for help from Higher Self (please, in reading this note that I am just expressing my own conclusions, from my own experience, according to my own beliefs/ideas. I don't want to enrage anyone or provoke discussion on weather we have or not have Higher Self. For me, not a belief, but a working theory is that we have, so in my conversation with higher worlds I am addressing my Higher Self), those kinds of attacks will not be stopped. I even suspect that in this kind of attacks negative beings are actually fulfilling their role in connection to us, where they can be allowed and encouraged by HS as they are great learning tool (especially for people inclined to seek for truth or desire faster spiritual development). What happened to me was a complex lesson of necessity of discernment, wisdom and application of given knowledge in every situation, and that "compassion" is not excuse good enough when you fail to act according to your level of awareness. I am also guilty of avoiding confrontation and evasiveness regarding truth, so I denied person in question opportunity to hear much needed truth. Even though events that transpired were not dramatic by any means, the subsequent loss in energy and blockage of certain progress that was taking place before the attack are significant. Of course, level of awareness and knowledge we gain on our journey makes us responsible for acting upon it and applying it, so consequences of bad choices are more immediate and intense than for people who are less aware and have less knowledge. This is a vast subject, and this post is already too long. Anyway, those are my experiences and thoughts on the subject.

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    Re: The Ongoing Debate About Negs

    This is an experience I've had, I'm putting it here so it serves as an idea on how negs see things, I have been in the state known as sympathetic vampirism, and this is what I have seen, I believe this is how negs interact with us.

    Basically I saw a body, something like the man of Vitruvio, but female, on her I saw white buttons, tons of them, so they were not just chakras, but also energy exchange centers and so on, I am not entirely sure what I did, but I "played the piano" on them for a while, then there was... an exchange of energy

    This didn't seem bidimensional to me, but multidimensional, like there were no boundaries, of course I can't compare since that has been my only OBE thus far.

    Well, that's the story, I hope it is of some help for a better understanding on how negs operate.

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