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Thread: Paranormal terms-lets widen our knowledge

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    chips Guest
    i knew that when i put up that dictionary, id get alot of debates about my definitions. but thats why i posted it. i want you guys to copy the whole dictionary and re-post it in this forum and put in YOUR defintion that you think is better then mine (more specific). i say that astral means non-physical because in my experience, it is non-physical. when beginners ask me what the term "Astral" means, the best way ive found to explain it is by saying it means "non-physical." i dont believe anything is really non-physical, for example, we probably seem non-physical to spirits, and they seem non-physical to us. astral dimension/non-physical dimension, astral projection/non-physical projection, astral entity/non-physical entity, astral attack/non-physical attack. that was just the best definition i could come up with. i urge you to change my simple definition. the main point of the dictionary is for every one to make small changes to the dictionary so that we can all have a good set of paranormal terms to look at. i want all of us to widen our knowledge, and for that, we cannot blindly believe only my terms, i want you all to debate the dictionary, and make your changes on it, and copy and repost it on this forum. we have to have different viewpoints.

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    enoch Guest
    psi is a blanket term.

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    chips Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by enoch
    psi is a blanket term.
    blanket term? do you mean that it has more than one definition.

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    enoch Guest
    My dictionary of mind, body and spirit (Eileen campbell and JH Brennan) says, "Psi is an umbrella term used by parapsychologists to decribe paranormal phenomena such as esp."

    okay - so maybe not a blanket, but an umbrella!

    Interesting - I'm reading a paragraph here about Dion Fortune's nasty astral fight with a gigantic cat.

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    chips Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Painterhypnogirl
    Psychokinesis and Telekinesis are the same thing, according to the parapsychology field.
    psychokinesis and telekinesis are not the same thing. telekinesis is more specific. telekinesis is the ability to "move" matter by only using the power of the mind. psychokinesis is the ability to make some kind of change to matter using only the power of the mind. psychokinesis is more of a catagory, or an umbrella term. telekinesis falls under the catagory of psychokinesis. and so would cryokinesis, and pyrokinesis. for example, i heard about a story of a lady who had a very strange house. strange faces would appear on the wooden parts of her house. they seemed to have been burned in. but everybody noticed that when this lady got sick and unhealthy, the faces would still appear, but they would be lighter. and when she would be happy and energetic, they would appear very strongly, and with more detail. they then concluded that she was unintentionally using psychokinesis. it was a psychokinetic affect.

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