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    I am having trouble removing an astral spider from my back. When I go into a trance state I see the spider and then I get
    jolted awake and out of the trance.
    Any suggestions to help?. Would contacting a shaman via skype help.

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    Re: Spiders

    I'm not sure if by skype. I'd look for a local shaman and one that doesn't charge a lot- or anything. You can apply countermeasures and use energy work to zap it yourself, the PSD forum has a lot of info and so does the energy work tutorials in this site.
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    Re: Spiders

    Ok thanks.
    I will check up on energy ways.

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    Re: Spiders

    Spiders are face value. They believe that your mind is trusting them. Well, trust in the opposite idea, that their mind is unnecessary, in ways.

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