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Thread: OBE survey #1

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    Re: OBE survey #1


    Yes, I've consciously projected into the RTZ and ATZ. If you're counting CILDing yes to that also.

    My most common exit technique is to either reach out, grab, and pull when the vibrations come.
    A somewhat less successfull technique, maybe this is what you call phasing, is to transfer my consciousness outside of my body. However, I think it takes a lot of "visualization" and therefore may take more effort.

    It seems that the vibrational type exit, for me produces more RTZ projections, while the other can produce either.
    When I'm stressed out, phasing seems to be more effective; it just kind of happens.

    Sometimes the vibrations come on their own, meaning I didn't do anything to cause them, ie I wasn't trying to project at the time.

    Many times, I have a combo of both RTZ and ATZ projections going on at the same time and concious of them both; sometimes, I can slip, by choice, between one to the other. I can sometime see more than one of my projections.
    Robert Bruce answered my post about this and he said it wasn't the norm.

    Now, for just some added information, I've replied to you "CF Traveler" asking if you cat projected with you.
    I can tell you that I saw (watched) my dog project, while I was projecting into the RTZ. We both played, flew, and ran around together in the RTZ---IT WAS GREAT; we had so much fun. I don't know if the dog knew she was projecting, but I knew because I saw her projected body come out of her. I'm feeling good about remembering this and telling it to you.


  2. Re: OBE survey #1

    Hi ,

    Been reading different post in Astral Dynamics, is very interesting and informative.
    I have been having OBE's for quite sometime, as of late I seem to nolonger have etheric or astral projections, though I do catch myself out of body at times.
    My OBE's occurred without my trying to cause them, I would have feeling I was dieing, a friend of mine finally told me I might be having AP's, so at the next occurance I said I did not care if I died, this was the first time I popped out.
    Later on I thought I could do some good with this and would try to find missing children, with somewhat bad results.
    One time while looking for person killing these children, I said I wanted to go to where they were, my exit was thru my feet, and had never left that way, my results were minimal.
    Another time I was in Florida with wife and daughter, and this one really messed me up.
    This young girl was missing from some 50 miles from where I was, I desided I would try and locate her, I tried for several days with no results, then finally I seem to experience something bad, I think it was her being murdered, needless to say, but I quit my endeavor.
    The thing was though they found this young girl about a week later, not one block from where I had been staying, this really freak me out as to how she had come all that way to be murdered.
    I contacted the police because I thought, I knew who did it, but they would not listen.
    I quit trying this except, when that Smart girl was taken, I told some of my friends I felt she was still alive. When found she was alive.

    These days I mainly lucid dream.
    After reading thru some of Astral Dynamics, I tried a little harder to get out last night, I lay there about 4 hrs. finally fell asleep but woke up refreshed for change.
    Now I still chase lotto numbers, but forget to play them most of the time, I remember I was lucid one time in the lotto store demanding the clerk give me the numbers for next days draw. He said get out of the store or he would call the police. Astral Police Ut Oh got ta gggoooooo.

    Ah Nu Ta Ra Hum ( Long Hum ) Tibetan, Blending the nature of the clear light with the path during the night-time, (go to sleep with out losing awareness)

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    Re: OBE survey #1

    Yes. Actually that's the only thing I can do (and remember). I usually roll out, although I sat straight up from the waist and army crawled out once, and as just a torso since I wasn't patient enough to let the vibrations spread to my legs. That one didn't last long!

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    Re: OBE survey #1

    Yes, I have, many times - I have not been any good so far at phasing; also, I don't know for sure whether I am in the astral or etheric, really. It usually starts out in real times & then changes, sometimes for the better sometimes not!

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    Re: OBE survey #1

    Quote Originally Posted by CFTraveler View Post
    I've just been wondering about our members experiences, and if you would indulge me, I'd like to catalog them as:
    How many have successfully projected (both phasing and OBE) and for the yesses, what is your most common kind of exit:

    It would be nice to have a catalog in general of experiences, and you don't have to reply to the thread identifying yourself- it's most of all a survey just to satisfy my curiosity.

    • Yes, i have consciously OBE projected (but only a handful of times)

    • My most common type of exit is using the 'spiral technique' (ie. spinning to get out of body)

    • i donot recall any conscious phasing experiences, i usually have a brief period where i loose consciousness, before finding myself within visual scenes
    " the core of spirituality is to optimize your personal evolution" ~ Robert Bruce

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