Possible changes in society to consider when people realized what they are missing when ignoring the true identity of what human being is in its fullest... and did something about it.

How police work had changed if they could use intuitive, mental power and other extra-sensory perception skills?

How wars had changed if one could directly control or influence energy and / or mind of other people, through mental skills development, or use of advanced technology (basically using certain frequencies against people)?

How politicians had changed the way they influence masses if they discovered that they can affect other people directly instead of indirectly?

How the courts had changed if they mastered astral projection or being not limited to a certain point in space?

How criminal world had changed if they realized that they may have more direct and manipulative ways than weapon at disposal when it comes to threatening others?

How massive money storages like in central banks had changed if people thanks to usage of clairvoyance could guess how to bypass all the securities on the way to take them out?

How religions have changed if people realized that they are not the only beings that inhabit the planet - even if not all can be seen through physical eyes?

How science have changed if scientists discovered a new ways for observation of reality?

How people have percieved for instance massive use of frequencies in the air like from a mobile phones if they realized that this energetic influence does not stay in vein but affects us?

What new professions have emerged from such changes?

These are just few, in particular possibly most dangerous effects of a wider mental development of people, who - at the moment -in most are convinced that their identity (and therefore skills) end on their material body. Of course, it is not pure science-fiction like possibility, but parly current reality. Some people started to explore those possibilities coming from the extended perception or power/energy use skills, particularly when army is considered. Official information is that they actually failed in making those skills accurate enough to rely on them. But the recent information I have in the subject comes from a quite old time, the 90s of the XXth century, when - as some may already know about - people among whom Ingo Swann is mostly reknown made this information publically available. Of course, army is not eager to comment anything.

We cannot, however, assume that such a situation would remain forever. I think the changes are occuring now, they are not very noticable - as they cannot be at this stage - but I think that human's telepathic and sensing abilities, for instance, increased in the recent years. In the next decades it will be less and less possible to hide anything in front of others. Just like Robert Bruce stated, we cannot say where mind ends - and when and how much we are able to process the information not coming from our mind, thus being more and more mentally exposed to thoughts and overall mental influence coming from the other, external sources...