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Thread: The new society thread

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    Re: The new society thread

    Respect is a very special word - maybe only a fraction of people understand it. I do most of what I do alone, because of this. Thankfully, reality is self created once you nut it out. I understand some (real) spiritual folks have the theory of "the matrix" to work with? Personally I tend to work with the word "home" and do the alchemy of that word in all of it's abundance all day long...

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    Re: The new society thread

    There is however a difference between being respectful and being ignorant, I think If you have hands and don't use them - why do you have them? If you have energy, and not use it, why do you have it? If you have mind, you have talents, you have developed understanding of the reality - why won't you share it with others?

    See. There are those "others" who contribute to this planet - for their (un)doing. And there are those who prefer to work at home, stay closed, and choose to not contribute. But this leaves us with those powerful sovereigns, not necesserily as developed mentally as you are, who actually use their talents to make a contribution to the world - even if it's only driven by their own ambitions.

    The changes are inevitable. I already mentioned the I-Ching book which states that nothing in the universe is constant - except the change. It's up to us whether we'd like to change the direction of the current - or to stay passive, and accept and only watch others to do so.

    Perhaps extending the perspective of "why we are here on the Earth planet" would be a good start point.

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    Re: The new society thread

    The active participant one to choose "Earth Service" - it takes mother nature, all of it.
    The passive plaintiff ones to reconcile with humanity after their feat, their will to serve, Saints.

    It is a very old story by now, but a good one.

    What to say about the word "we"? It is the word Hell uses most, from my perspective.

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    Re: The new society thread

    I do think that free money would be a good starting point for a clean safe everything... not that money is free, but people float at whatever level they stay happy... ie there is a saying that honest money goes further .

    Beyond that, it could be about truth... i see no reason in starting with an alternative. with (the truth about) democracy solved, well... how about what it means to be free. freedom again, the idea that does not lose itself in negativity. There are several forms of freedom that I would illustrate. a) choice b) religious context c) the right to say no, aka the "popularity contest" can stop if it wants to.

    These theories are found everywhere but I might as well point out a key of mine, here: there is no point telling a fish to swim, ie you do or don't want intelligent company. that is all I can think of for now.

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    Re: The new society thread

    I think so. Free mind should precede any other "free"'s. The extension of the perspective (consciousness) frees the mind - a level further. Or, in other words, a "magical pill" - a "solution" to "fix" the issues coming from the imprisoned mind (by itself, and lack of enough consciousness) - is just an illusion, which seems to be not so obvious because of the time-lag existing between action (the reason for the issue) and reaction (the effects of the decision).
    So perhaps it's not the current circumstances, but the mind itself that lacks in choosing a "better". Hence education and increasing general awareness. Or, the next paradigms-shift is needed.

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    Re: The new society thread

    The only "better" I have found always proves to be "faith in light." There does need to be something from without. An imprison mind always forgets that. Inspiration proves natural, often enough.

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    Re: Re The new society thread

    Quote Originally Posted by CherylWic View Post
    Just skimmed through the extract and I can already see that it is another one of those excellent finds. This will very likely be able to give us a better understanding in the POD vs limited pen issue.
    Of course!

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    Re: Re The new society thread

    Considering the living style changes in the future and now

    There are two general approaches about the circumstances you face:
    - you may either accept it as it is, and follow the others
    - or you may take your time to consider them more thoroughly, possibly questioning things or the underlying criteria

    So here are some excerpts and considerations about the modern, most popular way of living today. I think the ancient people were quite pretty surprised when knowing how the world developed to

    * Consumerism; items- and posessions- orientation; buying orientation
    People work, earning money. They're often not happy quite about it, as they wouldn't go to their workplaces if they didn't get money.
    This leads to over-buying things. Like a new brand flashy plasma big TV screen, which leads to another must-buys, like subscribing to the most expensive tv-serie service online.
    And then they feel a requirement to use this quite expensive stuff and feel guilty if they don't do that. And the life goes on all this way.
    The whole cilivation was never build on the "market"-orientation to such a degree as it is today. Everything seems to be related now to economy, particularly global economy from the big corporations, which roles strongly exceed just a process of delivering a product (service) to individuals; they affect our live styles, and they know it, taking advantage of it, marketing to us "needs" that we "apparently" need to have.

    * Alcohol; what is considered entertainment
    Consider for instance a typical way of spending the last / first day of the year, the new year's eve. Our culture spend it generally unconsciously (under serious influence of alcohol like things). This picture you can learn about from the mass media.
    Poisoning body and mind help people to relieve the stress they have about everything. And those who don't have such a stress and need to relieve it, follow others anyway, just because "others do so".

    * Rigid religion rules
    Children don't understand the rigid rules of religions. These are only parents who tell them of these "musts" they need to follow. The rebellious individuals quit them quickly, and the rest feel that they are obligatory. This greatly affects their live-times and their choices.

    * No guiding criteria; no creative ideas; no original inspiration
    This is possibly the biggest one. People are not creative. They just follow "musts", or "the rest". And the rest follow the other rest. And the other rest follow... and so on.
    From a wider perspective, following "the rest" really makes little sense No questioning means being unconcious - means making no personal decision, whether it suits your personal needs or not.
    On the other hand, creative people who have some inspiration, typically write novels, paint, create music, but not act about their ideas. They apparently don't believe they can be applied.

    * Specialists orientation; no health personal responsibility
    Today we are accustomed that to everything we need to find a specialist. Like a doctor who would tell us what to do to "fix the health issues". Or psychologist who would tell us how to feel and why we should follow the others - even if we felt opposite.
    Again, from a wider perspective, "outsourcing" our needs makes no sense. Human individual being is not an economy.
    The idea of human being must be, firstly, extended, then - which perhaps is the priority today.

    I can see that some (small percentage, however) people blossom in such environments as mentioned above. For instance, take the rock stars with their frequent, "fast", irresponsible live styles. These are just few individuals. There are rock stars who follow the same life style, but feel more and more there is missing something in such apparently "superficial" approach to living.
    Or business oriented people. In time they realize something is missing in their life style. So they buy an expensive boat, or even a whole island, hoping it would feel the emptiness. Is this the way it should be?
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    Re: The new society thread

    Beyond dogma... philosophy.

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    Re: The new society thread

    A very curious excerpt on the ideal humans life style conveyed by the Sirius beings from the book by Murry Hope:

    ...[It] would be in small communities, in which every person has a place and purpose ... Today, so many of you are totally lost; you do not know what to do with your lives, so you waste valuable time and energy that could be put into more constructive uses

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