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Thread: Exit techniques not causing ANY kind of response

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    Exit techniques not causing ANY kind of response

    Hi, I am having issues with exit techniques. It's not that parts of my body "get stuck" or anything, it's that the exit techniques are not causing ANY kind of response.
    I am using the hemi-sync C and I can get through the entire thing without falling asleep and can easily get my entire body buzzing and feeling "dead" within 10 minutes. I can hold that state for the entire duration of the hemi-sync C. I can then take a 5 minute break after the hour finishes and then redo the entire thing again and once again be back into the state within a few minutes and hold it. I feel my entire body filled with energy, the rapid heartbeat etc, the entire body becomes heavy etc. I can get into that consistently within 10-15 minutes and it's around that time I start trying to do exit techniques.....but nothing happens! I get those sensations Robert Bruce talks about where he says "you've just re-entered your body but you don't have the memory of it" I get that a lot but I just don't know how to consciously LEAVE and have my mind be in the astral body! Has anyone experienced what i'm experienced and overcome it? Any tips that I could be missing? I know a lot of you are probably jsut going to say "you need to relax more" I just can't see how I cannot NOT be relaxed if my body is buzzing THIS much so easily from head to toe.

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    Re: Exit techniques not causing ANY kind of response

    Hi Jiyasa, Just wondering what exit techniques you are using?

    The rope technique is often spoken of but it never worked for me. I think we all eventually find our own preferred way.

    Once I woke up feeling I was being rocked in a cradle forwards and backwards so because I was awake now decided to carry on with the rocking and it worked.This pushed me out forwards.

    However the one I had most success with was when all the prep had been done I would then just continue with circling the feet. Imagining a feather was circling the soles of both feet at the same time. Circle, circle, circle...........and eventually my feet would loosen then legs and the realisation that your physical legs just canít bend in the direction they are going in,so thatís the time to just lift.
    There was never a time factor on the circling. It would be till I was out or fell asleep.

    Let me know how you get on if you try either techniques.
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    Re: Exit techniques not causing ANY kind of response

    A couple of comments.
    I see you talking about sensations while or after listening to binaural beats. However it's not clear to me if you're having just normal energy sensations that can happen with binaurals, or exit vibrations. If you're having exit vibrations, wait until they become very pronounced and then wait until they calm down. It is then when you want to start doing an exit technique.
    The exit tech should not 'give you' sensations, the sensations tell you you're in transition, it is then you start the exit, not before.
    Also you're saying you're getting them at 20 minutes- that's way too early. You're going to have to try to find more time, observing your mental state and/or symptoms before even beginning an exit technique.
    You don't have to do anything special to have your mind 'be in the astral body'. This approach is incorrect- you are your mind and when you get out, you are in your astral body. If you're thinking of your astral body 'somewhere else' that is not where you are, then you're not doing the exit technique correctly- it's a 'first person' thing.
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    Re: Exit techniques not causing ANY kind of response

    I think, you have it totally mastered, you just need a "real world" to teleport of into/outof. Can you think of one? The Void, Perfect Silence, Golden Light, More Than Human? It cannot just be "OBE is happening" --> it has to be "spirituality is righteous"...

    You could go out of body to the Great Pyramid? That's a very objective one, in light of what I've just mentioned.

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