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Thread: Something Specific?

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    Ibzy Guest

    Something Specific?

    Ahoy people, I'm still alive.

    Haven't posted for a while (haven't tried projecting for a while either) but 'last night' (wednesday 29th night - thursday 30th morning) I had a rather strange 'projection' experience.

    I didn't fall asleep trying to project, but found that I had began to anyway. It felt like every other time I have tried an exit, with my struggle to 'tear' from my physical body, and the strange, hard-to-explain noise in my head, and I felt like I was 'teleporting' to diffent places in my house still trying to seperate.

    I haven't had a projection experience for over 3 months and took a break from trying 2 months ago, lasting 'till now.

    I'd just like to know if anybody knows of anythig specific about that night/morning. Perhaps particular planetary alignment, or moon phase? Any help would be appreciated.


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    zomora Guest

    OBE reseasch

    Learning to let go and have peace in your mind, but when you are fighting your self you always going to have problems.

    If you fight to get over the new skill, i think you need to go back to back to basics, learning to breath and center. and then relaxe your innner ind and then open the center of power with in your own soul.

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