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Thread: Higher Self meeting...& Techniques

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    Dragon's Daughter Guest

    Higher Self meeting...& Techniques

    I'm sharing this for all those that might benefit from it. Everyone should have this wonderful connection with the Higher Self.

    A wonderful visual that feels right to share with you now, is one where you either Astrally or just visually (whichever is easier for you) project yourself to a place that feels loving, warm, comfortable, pure - "HOME". This could be on a beach, in a woodland, at an old Greek-like building structure, or a Church. When you feel comfortable, begin walking forward feeling drawn to something wonderful. Something precious, something meant only for you, something you'd give ANYTHING for.

    Step forward, if you're on a beach, you'll come to some large rocks that have steps cut into them. In the woods, you follow a path through trees. At the building/church, you start up the steps. You may walk through a door. Before you, you see a chair. (at the beach it'll be made out of stone, in the woods it can be rock, tree trunk, etc) In it is the most wonderful site - it looks like an angel, it's so bright! You may find yourself crying - don't be afraid. Here is the most important person you'll ever meet. This person will never judge you. Will always accept you. Will always help you, and will always be there for you. Walk forward and you'll find this marvelous being standing before you with open arms! Embrace this being and feel "at home".

    Take the time to 'catch up', realize who this person is before you. It's YOU in the grandest sense. The person that knows you better than you'll ever know yourself.

    As you feel ready, ask your HS what you came to ask.


    I find this to be a wonderful way to meet your HS. Feel free to meet your HS as much or as often as you wish. You're your HS's only priority! You can't take up too much of her time.

    You may find that the contacts will become more casual, but they also will become much easier also. You may meet at the same place, change places, or just wherever.



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    Great post DD!

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    Dragon's Daughter Guest

    It's just that communication with the Higher Self is THE most important communication that you could have. Better than any psychic reading, channeling, whatever. Your Higher Self is the person that KNOWS you better than you will ever know yourself.

    Your Higher Self knows 'where' you are, what you need to work on, how much you can handle, where your talents are. And you never have to worry about 'bugging' your Higher Self - you're your Higher Self's ONLY priority! I find that to be just the most wonderful thought.

    When you make this connection and work on this relationship - go to your HS for information, you don't have to ask questions anymore of other people. You don't have to wonder 'how' or 'why'. Here is your TEACHER.

    It just gets irritating when your information is questioned for 'proof'. It's strange because since I've been focusing on my HS, 'proof' just seems so meaningless. I don't know how else to describe it.

    There are also other visuals, very similar in nature, to connecting with you child self - or other parts of you. Let me know if you want me to post them too.


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    I think posting the other visuals is a grand idea! Getting to know the Higher Self is such an important step in progressing on the spiritual path. I suspect getting to know all the versions of the self is pretty important too.

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    Dragon's Daughter Guest
    Ok, I'll get that visualization together and post it too. I've found that it's extremely important to have 'all your parts and pieces'. it's amazing how things in our lives can shatter and break off parts of us, we'll do it many times when something traumatic happens, so that we can 'continue on'.

    When you start working spiritually (OBEing, APing, etc), the more you need to be "whole". It's all part of spiritually progressing, reassimulating these selves back together.

    There's more to this... I'll get some information together on this. It's actually more complicated than meeting your HS. But your HS can be your best guide when you go to retrieve your shattered parts and pieces.


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    I have tried a visual to connect with my child self, but I always saw a figure in a hooded black cloak next to her. Now, when I just tried to look, I no longer see that figure, hmmm...

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    Dragon's Daughter Guest
    If the figure was comforting - could be a protector, or guide. Not sure.

    There's also the 'Shadow Side/Self'. That's a whole other 'ball of wax'.

    If you start to bring yourself together, you'll face your Shadow Self sooner or later. I'll get some information on that too.


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    oath Guest
    I dont get it Help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by oath
    I dont get it Help?
    Hi Oath

    Could you explain more about what you don't get?

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    Re: Higher Self meeting...Places to Go

    Thank you for this practical post Dragon's Daughter .
    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon's Daughter
    ..a beach, in a woodland, at an old Greek-like building structure, or a Church.
    When we sit in spiritual development circles , there are traditional places that a live human teacher will take a group of projecting students to meet spirit teachers . These are an elemental set of archetypical realms in the upper astral to lower monadic planes that have been manifested for mystic exploration . Each corresponds to a coloured sepirioth of the Qabballah . A circle leader may take their students to these realms in guided meditation and then by anchoring the core image in their consciousness , the mystic can return to these realms whenever they choose .
    Black MOTHER Totemic Cave 2nd Plane
    Sound 5 aumms , stir a tibetan singing bowl or turn it over and bang it upon the bottom bit as a bell , strum a celtic drum or bang two wooden rhythm sticks together . Just find the rhythmic sound that releases your subconscious memories and go deeper slower ...deeper slower and down into the ground below the earth to a cave where it is safe and warm . A solitary rock on a dank mosit hardened ground is the only thing you see besides the gray rock surrounding you .But sit upon it and animals will approach you , as many as nine of them . Ask each one their name why they are in your life right now , what is their wisdom and if they are totems for life or just this stage . These animal spirits will show you their message in dream imagery or if you listen carefully you may hear them speak to you . The Ice Cave at this link is similar;

    Orange FIRE - Mother 's Fire Pit Smoke Lodge 5th plane
    Walk through the woods a long way and then into the desert following the crow . Finally the path will lead you to her doorway . The short narrow door is found by the heat of the fire in this cold desert night . The smoke greets you and the warmth of the flames is comforting . Mother Earth appears as an ancient one in rags and an ashen covered countenance . Her wisened face will look up briefly and motion for you to unburden yourself . Here we cast our baggage into her long fire pit . We let go of all of the emotional angst and maelstroms of our life to move on unfettered . We stand and shed our tears and leave backwards from the hut after a nod to Mother who begins to sweep .

    But if we go to the other end of her lodge , we can go to Shamballah instead .When you exit turn right and follow the narrow dirt path past the smoke lodge , the camp of Silver Birch and jungle bridge above the entrance to the Wesak Valley .

    Indigo WATER - Rocks on the Beach 5th plane
    The beach is typically seen at night as a flat wide sandy beach . There is a large pile of rocks on the left of the portal from which the projector enters. Gentle raves that crash against a rocky piling breakwater /pier left of the rock outcropping . Upon the rock , people meet higher self as Dragon's Daughter wrote but also Christ , Buddha , Goddess , and beloved spirit relatives and guides .

    Salmon Red EARTH- Green Door in the Woods 5th plane
    Walk through tall thin trees upon layers of moist undergrowth and damp rotting leaves . A secret glen of flowers , butterflies and unicorns is on your left but you feel compelled to find the green door and continue your journey . Finally there it is.Standing alone curiously as an entrance to some mystical realm with no walls . When you open the door you see the fae and the sprites . The Green Man comes out from behind a tree to give you a brief fleeting message .Hold onto his wisdoms they are illusive as he is .

    Chartreuse Green AIR -Church in a valley 5th plane entrance to 6th
    The church is typically entered from a narrow dirt road there are hills behind the church topped in conifer trees but surrounding the church are a variety of deciduous trees . There is one tall white spire upon the kirk with a cross on top which some see as blue and others as white . The church is a small one room wide wooden church . When you climb the few steps , you open the double wooden doors and see the wooden floor and you are greeted by lovely comforting nostalgic smells . Behind the altar, on your right side as you face ,it is a small kitchen with a long wooden table and chairs where you can sit and discuss in a group . Look for a hidden door behind the altar too on the left wall of the kitchen . The door opens outward and you see a narrow wooden set of stairs but when you descend a portal appears and you leave this realm to go to a higher one . This is a catacombs entrance down beneath Shamballah . A river is there and a boat can take you upon the River Styx or the River of Life they are conjoined in the catacombs . The River Styx of Death is to the left as you face it from the deck and the River of Life is on your right .

    White MOON / Purple HEAVENS -Temple in Space 6th plane hidden entrance to 9th
    The greek pillared temple is floating in space and is an ashram called the white lodge . It has two sides and can become the Blue Lodge if you gain entrance to the rear and invisible side .

    It will lead you to what is called the Ashrams of the Arcturians or the Lord and Lady of Sirius which are sentient beings from another universe . These beings are purple gray invertebrates with a skirt like lower body that moves like a jellyfish .

    They have 2 arms with three long fingers which are padded at the end. Thier heads look similar to ET . The white side is wide open you climb the stairs and often see higher self or a mother guide or Goddess ie Mary Isis , Pallas Athena, Quan Yen , or Khali . The dais area has a round floor and the moonlight enters from above it serenely . Through the pillars one can see surrounding mountains in this mini Greek Island in Space.

    Silver AKASHA SPIRIT Across the Water 5th plane entrance to 6th
    Another place to go on this spiritual plane is called Across the Water to an island . This is a first entrance portal to Spirit World . Go into the surf on the far right side of the rock and wait for a small one sail boat to gently ebb up to your knees and climb in . A spirit might appear in the boat guiding it or you may lie down on your back and look up alone into the starry night . The boat will land too soon upon the short of a long narrow island . White Eagle a world teacher is often seen here . He stabs his staff into the headland .Eagle feathers are tied atop this staff and a sapphire blue cross of light emanates from it . Christ often appears here with arms outstretched . If you walk through the centre of the island , you will find a large round area with a sapphire fountain to cleanse karma and heal emotional angst . The bottom tier may be bathed in . The top tier one may be drunk from .This is the "Water of Life" . If you take the path through the gentle hills on the far right side of the island ,you will find a gathering place in the mist .This is an entrance to another dimension of the spirit realm . There you will see a crowd of your spirit family. Here you can easily call all the deceased loved ones you wish to meet . They often are assembled to greet you before you think to call them .

    Gold AMORIS - The Golden Chamber of Melchiezedek 6th plane and entrance to 7th

    Sit in meditation and spin out of the body as a projection of consciousness into a group merkabah . Slip through the Ring Pass Not to another realm .

    This is the entrance to the far end of the 6th plane and the beginning of Shamballah on the 7th plane .

    Here is a guided meditation by the Late Dr, Joshua Stone to come to this divine chamber where you will meet the chohans of the Rays , the spirit teachers called the Mahatma , the principal archangels and the priest angel Melchiezedek . To go to Shamballah from here walk further to the right past the violet flame of St Germaine .

    and the sapphire flame of St. Michael .

    Rose HIDDEN - Quan Yen's Temple 6th plane and entrance to 7th plane

    Chant Kwan Yin (variant spellings) mantra ; "Na Mo Kuan Shih Yin Pu Sa. "
    and think upon this lovely lady a Goddess of Compassion and Mercy . ... 00675.html ... atsu.shtml

    Kwan Yin opens this realm around us . She will appear . Often she is upon her dragon or floating in the air a parasol upon her shoulder . A Japanese bridge strides the shallow still water lily pools and one cannot think Monet was not inspired by this beauty to paint such large canvases of them . The lady is on the right side of the red wooden bridge . She will give you a message from there or if you can cross the bridge you can stride onto her mountain and into the Temples of Compassion complex in Shamballah .

    ~*~Love , Light & Laughter ~*~

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