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Thread: Obe+Kundalini?

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    Post Obe+Kundalini?

    Hi everyone!
    I had a amazing and profound experience today and need some clarification and guidance please
    (the post got a bit long,sorry)

    some background on me
    i am working on AP/OBE/LD for ~8 years now with some success. after about a year (i'm a slow learner) i had my first obe, slooowly getting better over time. at the moment its still abit of a hit&miss, in a good week i can manage 2 or 3 but still have long dry-spells as well. i don't consider myself advanced in any way which is why today's experience was such a surprise

    today's session started out like any other, i had a to-do-list/plan prepared should i succeed to get out, and put myself in an altered state. after a smooth exit i carried out my plan and was about to return to my body when i suddenly blacked out, when i came too i found myself on a higher dimension/plane. this was a bit unusual but had happened to me before so i just went with it. after a few minutes though it happened again and i found myself on a higher plane still. now this was unusual so i decided to pay close attention to my new surroundings. the scenery seemed much more abstract and communication here was done telepathic only. i blacked out a few more times (lost some of the memories, i think it was 4 or 5 in total) and ended up in a "place" very hard to describe. i was standing in the middle of a round platform ~10m diameter, the air was filled with energy and nothing else seemed to exist. keeping calm (i know from experience, if i get to exited i get snapped back into my body) i just stood there and waited. a telepathic voice came into my head telling me to use energy to create a tent around the platform, and that if i would succeed i will have earned something special. so i went to work, i used my intention to spin energy around faster and faster and soon had managed to create a wall of the most beauty-full golden sparkling energy about 50cm high, it took all my focus to raise it higher (if i lost focus for a second it would start do disappear) but i managed. creating the roof was tricky, when i focused on the roof the wall started do disappear, focus on the wall and no roof. after a few minutes of struggle i got a helpful tip and i finally finished the tent. i just stood there in awe, amazed by it's otherworldly beauty, not knowing what to expect, when i was suddenly ejected out of it and landed back in my room. i saw my body lying in bed and thought to myself "ok, RTZ-obe, nothing special about that".

    after a few moments, without warning or fanfare i suddenly felt something flat and heavy slapping on my head and fusing with it. It was ~2-3cm thick started a the base of my skull getting wider and covering the top of my head then narrowing again over my forehead and nose. i looked down and saw 2 coils(kundalini-snakes?) of immense energy coming up my legs!(not torso) as if i had a "central channel" in each of my legs and these insanely powerful energy-coils wrapped around them, they where winding slowly in opposite directions(on left leg clockwise, on right counter clock) but i had no feeling in my torso at all. my vision had changed slightly and i felt like i had a very powerful superhero-like helmet on my head but no idea what to do with it! the telepathic voice told me to fly out of the room but (clumsy me) i messed that up (still having trouble flying sometimes) and i got pulled back to my body.

    (i hope the description is clear, if not let me know and i will clarify)
    my questions
    1 What was that?!?
    2 any advice/guidance what i should/shouldn't do, and how to proceed?

    thanks in advance

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    Re: Obe+Kundalini?

    acrobats fly around in tents... they are adept at the skill showmanship. interesting that it would happen alone. daredevils...

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