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Thread: MASSIVE negative energy messing with us...HELP NEEDED BADLY!

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    MASSIVE negative energy messing with us...HELP NEEDED BADLY!

    (I'm posting this thread again because it was strangely deleted from the forum because of the SPAM...I think it's NEGATIVE FORCES at work!)


    Wehave a very weird situation going on here in the place where we livein Finland. The situation has been going on for almost 2 years nowand it has been horrible time...we need badly help. We don't knowexactly what this all is, it's new to us, but it certainly is somebad/negative energy which is "playing" with us. It hasforced us to move and abandon our three different cottages which arelocated in the same area. Everything was okay for several years whenwe moved here, but then it all started in the end of the 2017.Earlier we were forced to move to this place because of the severeelectrical hypersensitivity symptoms (EHS) and for years this placewas like a paradise for us and NOW it is the worst nightmare we couldever imagine. Let me try to explain how it all started…

    Inthe 2016 I heard that a new huge power line was coming pretty near toour place and got scared: "Do we really need to move again???"In the summer 2016 I started to renew our old caravan which I noticedhad got water inside the floor and I needed to repair it all. At thesame time I decided to paint the inside also. I've never had somemuch chemical sensitivity symptoms but this paint was reallyaffecting me very badly: I got severe eye symptoms which lasted forweeks and then strange things started to happen. The caravan waslocated 50m away from my cottage and when I tried to go near it again(20-30m) I began to get same symptoms. I didn't understand what wasgoing on and thought: "Is it possible to get chemical symptoms30m away from the caravan?" I really didn't know. And then mysister, which hadn't been near the caravan during the painting,started to get weird symptoms 50m away from the caravan! Somethingstrange was happening...but then we didn't know that it was only thebeginning of the show...before all the hell broke out...

    Here'sthe symptoms list (some of them...there are many of them more):

    -chest pain
    -weird feelings
    -cold feelings in the body
    -digestive problems
    -panic feelings
    -head pressure
    -astral noises&voices (pre-sleep)
    -pins&needles in the body
    -symptoms may hop from person to another
    It'sclearly giving us fear/anxiety symptoms.

    After this I was forced to abandon the caravan and we moved it to anotherplace...BUT the same symptoms where still activated when I tried togo near where it had been! I didn't understand what the hell wasgoing on but the symptoms was real and very severe. Then I decided tobuild a new caravan from the scratch and bought all kinds ofconstruction materials...and one day I moved wood materials toanother place (50m) from the place where the caravan had been andbegan to get the SAME symptoms again! Then step by step all the hellbroke out and the negative energy was spreading almost all over ourplace. We were forced to move to tents, away from our cottages. Ourcondition got slowly better, but again strange things started tohappen: for example when our parents brought some things from thecottages, it can be book or cloth for example...wehave the same symptoms from these also! This shouldn't be possibleand we are not crazy, but this is really happening to us! Thisnegative energy can be attached in ANY item and we don't never knowwhen it is there. This is grazy! We are living in a middle of thehell. You'll never know which carries the negative energy...thereseems to be no logic around it...Life is very stressing. We had tolive without warming all the last winter because we got thesesymptoms from the new wood stove which we were trying to use! Life isvery very difficult because of this negative energy. It is strangethat this energy seems to have an affect only for me and mysister...not my parents. This is NOT chemical senstivity, this issomething else.

    Intrestingly,just before all this started, in 2016, we met a EHS guy and hebrought his own caravan to our place for a few days. I thought hecould be living there, but we had to stop it after a few days becausewe got very bad symptoms from this guy...he was clearly possessed tonegative entitity and he was also explaining to us. He had everysymptom of the negative entitity. After he went away, we recoverdslowly, but have been thinking all the time, did the negative energycome with this guy to our place? Is this possible? We really don'tknow. All we know it happened just before all these strange thingsstarted to happen.

    Thisall has been a very strange experience to us. I'm clearly one ofthose lightworkers which I have been reading. And all the time whenthis has been going on, I've found many, many white weathers from mypaths...and it all started just the same time the worst begun. I'vehad also strange syncronicity experiences which I know are notcoincidence. It seems like these are connected. I don't know whatthis all is, is it some kind of trial, or is some negative entitityplaying with us. We have tried to use three different clairvoyantsand they saw nothing special. It feels really strange because we knowthere really is some weird negative energy around, we know it fromexperience. If nothing positive happens, we have to abandon the placeand move to another place. But the question is: Will the negativeenergy follow us to the next place also??? It is very risky to movebecause we don't know what happens.

    So,currently we are stationed at the same area but 50-100 metres awayfrom the cottages and ground we canot stay. I will send you a Googleearth map of our land attached with this email. We have been heresince the spring 2018 when we were forced to move away from thecottages. So, we are still located very near. We haven't moved to anyother place.
    Iwill give you some more examples of the negative energy:

    -negative force seems to have no logic: sometimes Pete gets symptoms,while Saija doesn't and vice versa.

    -our mailbox is located 1 km away from our place and one day we got apacket which had books inside. Immediately when we started to readthese books, we both began to get weird eye symptoms (similartocaravan painting symptoms) and other anxiety symptoms.

    -one day Saija brought a new bicycle and drove 60 kms from the storeto our place and left the bike to the forest almost 1 km away fromthe cottages just to be sure. She felt absolutely no symptoms whenriding the bike first day. But next day she went back to the bike,and started to get weird symptoms from the bike immediately. So, thenegative energy doesn't come always from the cottages. It may be inany item which has been just purchaced. Talk about total madness.Symptoms are very severe and she was forced to abandon the new biketo the forest. How insane this all is! And this was only ONE exampleof this madness, we have been forced to abandon many, manyitems...too many to mention here. This negative energy is able topickup and select any item it wants.

    -we have two sheeps here who have been living with us for many years.Saija isthe one who has been taking care of them. Now when Saija goesnear the sheeps or EVEN 30m away from them, she begin to get weirdsymptoms: cold feeling in the body, tingling, weird feeling, have torun to to the toilet...she cannot stay close the sheeps at all. Justthink about it: Saija needs to be all the time aware of the sheepsand where they are located,so that theydon't come too close!

    -lately, we noticed that there seems to be a sound of buzzing aroundour place (as if a group of flies were buzzing around). We think itmight be connected. The sound is not there always, sometimes we allhear it when it's not windy.

    -last summer 2018 Pete tried to go one of our cottages for the lasttime and he got terrible symptoms from the visit that lasted only 10mins. And right away when Pete came close to Saija, she also startedto get symptoms from Pete. The symptoms may hop from person toanother, this has happened many times. So, we assume that thenegative energy is still around the cottages although we haven'tvisited that area since the summer 2018.

    Weare seeking for professional and special help to our situation. It isvery very stressing be attacked by the negative forces which youcannot see. Everyone who has experienced it knows what I'm talkingabout. WHAT TO DO NOW??? Is there some shielding method that can beused in this kind of MASSIVE attack we are experiencing?

    Thankyou very much. Any help would me much appreciated.

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    Re: MASSIVE negative energy messing with us...HELP NEEDED BADLY!

    Hi, again!

    I posted this same thread to this forum about a week ago and it was strangely deleted from the forum because of the spam which is ridiculous! This is clearly NEGATIVE FORCES at work! What a joke it really is! Things like this just don't happen by itself...EXACTLY when you are trying to find help for the situation...No, it's too much just to be just a coincidence.

    Now I'm looking for this guy who answered to my topic and we sent Private messages of the VIOLET LIGHT and how to use it. Please, if you are reading this, could you send me a new private message, I lost those because I had to register a new account. This is grazy, but it really happened!

    Thank you and hope to hear you soon!
    , Pete.
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    Re: MASSIVE negative energy messing with us...HELP NEEDED BADLY!

    Hi Pete, it was me. Send a PM if you want.

    I do think small buckets of salt at each corner and violet flame visualisation can work. That is how I would do it. Patience is a virtue = your trouble might only be adding to the impact, of clearing the site.

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    Re: MASSIVE negative energy messing with us...HELP NEEDED BADLY!

    I suggest contacting a local government representative to see if they know anything about it. It's pretty bad in a lot of places. My twitter posts have some fairly intense information so if you get nervous easily you might not want to read Theylive88
    Have you thought of moving to be with family or friends as a supportive group?

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