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Thread: The Story of the First Idiot

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    The Story of the First Idiot

    There was a short man, he was fair and sound. A shapeshifter, actually, who had the ability to time travel to any era. He kept diamonds in his boots to stay grounded, in life. The last time he did it, he tried to go back in time to France and save himself the whole story about Rennes-le-Chateau. "This is too easy," he pontificated and he accidentally did his shift and warp at the same time. BOOM! And so, the first idiot was born.

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    Re: The Story of the First Idiot

    Satan is always supposing his conundrum: "what if." So here is one for him. What if: there is a black box, inside the cricketer's box, inside the cricketer's box, inside the commentary box. Over to you, Satan...

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    Re: The Story of the First Idiot

    The moral of this much is that an idiot only believes in now, when frankly, you have to aim for somewhere more like never. Does it resonate, to say that you have been yourself engulphed in fire and brimstone? Well, according to the theory on the first idiot your "shift and warp" into the future or past is not going to work out. Because you have on your cricketer's box, not your game of cricket!

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