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    Can a poltergeist follow you back to your body?

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    In the case of the Holy Ghost (Christianity), there have been some instances of polterguy, but polterguy once identified - "spiritual descriptor necessary" - does not strike back.

    So you could say, once you've figured out a spirit's name/face/whoever they are harmless, and do not do that anymore.

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    Re: Big question

    Yes, definitely. This is how they approach people - especially from behind. Particularly, at the lower part of the head from behind. This is how often ghosts, spirits, demons - whatever way you name them - try to influence people, so that their malicious thoughts and energies had a stronger impact on your way of thinking. You need to cleanse yourself from them.
    But could the thread title be re-titled to something more specific?

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    Re: Big question

    Polterguy is a fake, wannabe, retch of a spirituality... but he does observe that peace is sexy... silver lining.

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    Re: Big question

    Poltergeist, or 'noisy ghost' is your own psychokinesis.
    They don't follow you in or out of your body, because you cause the effect or attract them, if they happen to be independent entities. And if they are ghosts, they are attracted to you for the intensity your psychic energy, not your practices.
    They have nothing to do with astral projection.
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    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: Big question

    I think it is true to say, though, that if your psychokinetic powers are peaking and there is chaos, you could attract mr. guy and all of the spirituo-religious "stuck karma" that he brings.

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