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    Big question

    I recently found this site: Quantum Physics Explains How Your Thoughts Create Reality If it is true.How do you think it is going to impact christian physicists?As opposed to non christian physicists?

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    Re: Big question

    It depends on the type of christian that takes this at face value. I am a non-traditional christian, and in my worldview God is everywhere present, therefore the observer is a part of God as much as the observed. Of course, if you study QP from the inside, you'll see that by 'observer' they mean 'detecting apparatus' and by 'existence' they mean 'particle'. So what these experiments prove is that when you detect a particle you essentially collapse the probability function you charted mathematically into wherever it landed, and assume that the probability function is a thing with no reality, which is a whole lot of assumption.
    The traditional christian may just assume something totally different, but it won't change what they believe about God and reality, since for most of them God is in heaven, 'not here'.
    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: Big question

    Quote Originally Posted by CFTraveler View Post
    you'll see that by 'observer' they mean 'detecting apparatus' and by 'existence' they mean 'particle' ... the probability function is a thing with no reality, which is a whole lot of assumption.
    Yes, like putting a video camera out in the forest with no-one to see through it, can the tree do anything at all - or, is this reality a "film" of its own.

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    Re: Big question

    How about naming all topics "Big question"? What criterion makes anything bigger? I guess that quantum physicians no doubt think of themselves as bigger than others - and obviously it's not just about a physical size.

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    Re: Big question

    I was going to reply to a thread like this but I put if off for a long time, I've searched, I thought the person replying to olyris said that he didn't understand what olyris meant. I'll put my reply in this thread any way.

    Ooh, I might have the background knowledge to understand what this means. It could be to do with the universe being holographic, by holographic I mean like if a part of a salamander's brain (the lizard I mean) was transplanted into another salamander and the recipient gained something learned by the donor salamander, and it can receive different parts of the brain and still receive the knowledge. If you break off the south pole of a magnet you end up with not a magnetic monopole, but a whole magnet.

    In Hinduism there's Indra's net of pearls, stretching infinitely with an infinite number of pearls, and with each pearl having in it the reflection of every other pearl. It's like saying that a single grain of sand contains the entire universe. Maybe here you could apply "As above, so below. As within, so without".

    The declassified US government document "Analysis and Assessment of the Gateway Proccess" says
    "13. The Part Encodes the Whole. " actually the pdf text is like a photocopy, it would be easier to link to it:
    It's about astral projection mainly, and it talks about the Monrie Institute and being aided by sound, the sort of thing Robert Bruce likes. It has something about changing your own hologram. There are other similar documents, I should get around to reading them properly, it's not been too noisy recently so that's nice:

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    Re: Big question

    I really think sanity is the goal of the world since Jesus. Is the truth sane, I mean, self to universe and universe to self. Imagine that. Real love.

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