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Thread: Astrological influences usage

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    Astrological influences usage

    The Maya or ancient Egyptian people are known for using several calendars at the same time. They had a very practical approach to dealing with time changes (cycles).

    Modern society is in this sense poor. It doesn't utlizes the influences coming from natural cycles: the moon cycle, the Earth cycle, or the yearly (sun-based) cycle, which are the most important.

    I must say that every single year I'm astonished by how astrological influences work. I figured out that when the sun is in a certain zodiac sign, the related quality pours into our mental states, supporting certain areas. It repeates every single year - and when utilizing this influence, after a time I can see that I get many benefits. And the other way around: when I ignore it and force my plans, I only realize that they didn't quite go the planned way, and I have a feeling of wasted supportive influence.

    The upcoming influence in three days is related to the scorpio zodiac sign. This sign is mostly related to the personal power (particlurarly of a mystical nature), turning inward, making a contact with spirits (hence the All Saints' Day), and - possibly most interesting - the inscrutable power of transformation, making deep changes and alchemy.

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    Re: Astrological influences usage

    Yes. Transformation > Supposition. The former is doing both...

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    Re: Astrological influences usage

    The scorpio sign is also related to magic - the usage of powers of the universe. Take your time and enjoy

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    Re: Astrological influences usage

    As a fire zodiac sign, the sagittarius widens the horizons, provides new energies and power to deal with the circumstances, wisdom, being purposeful, vigorous in life and predictionary abilities. After transition of the Scoprio sign, new ways to expand are available more than before in the entire year. The sagittarius constellation is also in alignment with the center of the galaxy - the cosmic place known as the ultimate (highest) heaven in the ancient cultures. Its energy is like a shining new light, building new brighten future - more able to do so than any other of the remaining eleven zodiac signs. Enjoy

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