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Thread: Astrological influences usage

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    Astrological influences usage

    The Maya or ancient Egyptian people are known for using several calendars at the same time. They had a very practical approach to dealing with time changes (cycles).

    Modern society is in this sense poor. It doesn't utlizes the influences coming from natural cycles: the moon cycle, the Earth cycle, or the yearly (sun-based) cycle, which are the most important.

    I must say that every single year I'm astonished by how astrological influences work. I figured out that when the sun is in a certain zodiac sign, the related quality pours into our mental states, supporting certain areas. It repeates every single year - and when utilizing this influence, after a time I can see that I get many benefits. And the other way around: when I ignore it and force my plans, I only realize that they didn't quite go the planned way, and I have a feeling of wasted supportive influence.

    The upcoming influence in three days is related to the scorpio zodiac sign. This sign is mostly related to the personal power (particlurarly of a mystical nature), turning inward, making a contact with spirits (hence the All Saints' Day), and - possibly most interesting - the inscrutable power of transformation, making deep changes and alchemy.

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    Re: Astrological influences usage

    Yes. Transformation > Supposition. The former is doing both...

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    Re: Astrological influences usage

    The scorpio sign is also related to magic - the usage of powers of the universe. Take your time and enjoy

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    Re: Astrological influences usage

    As a fire zodiac sign, the sagittarius widens the horizons, provides new energies and power to deal with the circumstances, wisdom, being purposeful, vigorous in life and predictionary abilities. After transition of the Scoprio sign, new ways to expand are available more than before in the entire year. The sagittarius constellation is also in alignment with the center of the galaxy - the cosmic place known as the ultimate (highest) heaven in the ancient cultures. Its energy is like a shining new light, building new brighten future - more able to do so than any other of the remaining eleven zodiac signs. Enjoy

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    Re: Astrological influences usage

    I find astrology in general very different from what astrologers say...

    I must admit that I don't quite like astrologers. Even if they state differently, what they read from a birthchart and make suggestions from it is typically fatalistic. They say things like "there's no chance for this or that, because of your birth chart; change your believes, because you won't succeed; maybe there's a chance for this or that but chances are poor; you will face only disappointments because of the square between these planets and your saturn placement here and here" etc.
    (My observation also is that most of astrologers are either hiding lack of real confidence in what they are saying, or are simply ignorant. No offence.)

    The conclusion one could draw from this is that astrology is fatalistic: people are born with "dumb destiny" to suffer from having their desires unfulfilled because of "bad time" they were born in.

    My view is different. People have desires as a guiding feelings moving them to fulfilling them.
    Difficult planet positions are challanges with any possible outcome, depending on what they do and what they choose. There are many people with oustanding results in their lifetimes because of having difficult birth charts.
    On the other hand, there are really not many people with exceptional life-times and "easy" to live birth charts.

    The value in astrology therefore lays in understanding the hidden potential in each difficult energy occuring, and possibly having outstanding results thanks to the effort put, and not in getting someone down by fortelling the failures seemingly justified by having certain planets at certain positions. The latter is lack of understanding the essence of life and life-time.

    Trust your true feelings, not stars and planets in first place! The role of astrology is to help, not to get anyone down and not to fortell "the future". Fortelling makes no sense when thought through more deeply. Suggestions on how to change or succeed are the essence of practical astrology.

    This all lead after all to mastering your life, and the life alchemy.

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    Re: Astrological influences usage

    Mastery of fate begets true belief - what is frustrated will ultimately be exalted.

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    Re: Astrological influences usage

    Speaking of fate... I think that people don't quite understand Saturn, and its corresponding zodiac signs - even astrologers. What I wrote previously about disappointments, fate hanging over someone etc. - I meant mostly Saturn, which often is related to fate. In the ancient astrology it was the slowest and having the biggest impact planet from all, thus considered to be mostly related to our fate.

    I heard once some saying stating that not that what we choose decides that much about our life, but that what we reject! This is exactly referring to how Saturn works: what we are able to accept, and what not - thus rejecting it. In fact Saturn is in big part about rejection - or rather, about our decisions when we think we cannot afford something, trying to be as rational and down-to-earth as possible.

    The opposite type to the Saturnian is Jupiterean type who makes the optimistic assumptions about everything.

    Notice that everyone has its Saturn and Jupiter in his or her birthchart, so everyone gets something from both planets.

    The capricorn zodiac sign can be related to the ancient Greek myth about Sisyphus: it's typically a hard work to do. The archetype is however related to the ambition (which is always needed as a motivating aspect), rather than a punishment, as the myth suggests. I would personally relate Saturn to a focused and determined, but patient builder: even if the boulder falls again, and again, and again from the mountain, it never gives up.

    Saturn however often brings - thanks to this work - the real winners. Because this planet is about fruition: whenever our efforts are finally rewarded. This is the real meaning of Saturn and its influences, and this is something that is frequently forgotten by the astrologers. Each planet is required, and has its important place in the birth chart (the balanced personality). Thanks to Saturn even the biggest dreams may come finally true and be formed; people don't believe that because they don't understand it. Of course, the way is not easy, so the Saturn's role is (to help us - i.e. give the necessery energies) to pave the way through - sometimes being a tedious task, but finally things are always being built when the effort is put into it. That's the law.

    The other word that may give the idea about Saturn is manifestation. It's also worth to note that the central, balancing element in the Chinese 5-elements (wu-xing) system is given to the rules of the saturn planet.

    Now it's a good time to take a note how your Saturn and the capricorn zodiac sign are placed in your birth chart. Because it's the winter solstice now (at least at the northern hemisphere)!
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    Re: Astrological influences usage


    I believe that the biggest truth is contained within Saturn's realms. A question of "to be or not to be" - is in fact, answered by the heart and not the overlord.

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    Re: Astrological influences usage

    Perhaps the biggest confusion comes from the fact that people believe that they just have no influence over circumstances and say something like "we'll see what is going to happen", and stick to that; or, from the opposite assumption, having the same result in the end: "well, I have no time for > making (new) choices <, I have to do this, and that, and even that...".

    Waste of potential, waste of life.

    Saturn is about taking the responsibility to fully realize that we do have all the resources within; what is needed is working on consciousness of this hidden potential - and this leads in turn to unlearning what life have had brought us so far.

    Taking my free time now to make some new decisions, so that they won't get away from me when overwhelemed by too many details of a daily routines.

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    Re: Astrological influences usage

    Cleansed, crystal clear mind, being balanced and getting / sticking to the most important point are the essential qualities of the capricorn zodiac sign. Most similar quality is the Earth phase / element in the Chinese wu-xing system, and interestingly Chinese people also related the Earth element to the Saturn planet (the capricorn ruler).

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