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the President, Jesus, Bin Laden
The Bin Laden president has a shortcut name now: it's Bi..den. (Of course, everyone knew who would win in US ).

Anyway. There is an interesting thing about Mercury-Jupiter opposition, quite similar to Saturn-Jupiter.

The former are negative basically, and focused on details, while the latter is positive and unfocused, interested basically in (seeing) the big picture.

What does it mean in practice?

That when you need to restructure things, Mercury is of great help. You won't find a better influence to point out anything that is crucial to pave the way out to the next level.

However, using Mercury too much is typical for people who tend too loose the big picture and get lost in (unimportant) details. Then the project fails, finally.
Hence the Jupiter opposition. Balance both, and you're the master of this grand topic. (Remember that Jupiter-Mercury, and Sagitarius-Gemini axis is, physically, a special one: it deals with the center of our galaxy, the highest radiation from the very center of the souls world; and the related subject has a really special meaning - try to feel it and imagine it to grasp it).