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Thread: Astrological influences usage

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    Re: Astrological influences usage

    The uniqueness and being original are two opposite things: the former comes from within (is internally driven), the latter - from without (is externally imposed).

    The idea (or challange, if you insist) of the uni-corn, or Aquarius, is to combine these two (the higher water and the lower water, as the Aquarius zodiac symbol denotes). From this dualism rises a new consciousness: of co-creativity, within the community.

    Two planets related to Aquarius are Saturn and Uranus, a very interesting pair: they are mostly related to advancing in consciousness and awareness, and have a lot to do with life and death (apart from the Scorpio subjects), or spirit and fair judgement.

    What are the planets related to Immortality?

    Saturn is the master - a gateway or judgement, a wiseman. Uranus is the new consciousness-born - an infant.

    Together, the Saturn and Uranus pair with their opposite pair (Sun and Moon) are the keys to attaining immortality: with the "legs" put in (connected to) yin / black color, and "head" put in (connected to) yang / white color. These four found then the vertical part of the world.

    Because they are the (gate-)way - tao - they might be symbolized by the black and white horses. "Way" means to move, and you will find no faster energy in the solar system than the one coming from the lightning-fast Uranus energy. Combining both opposite energies: the black one and the white one - leads (is the way) to the ultimate achievement.

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    Re: Astrological influences usage

    Unlearning: "i simply cannot be proud that i know nothing at this time"
    Rebirthing: "proudly some way i have been"

    This aspect (yin white small dot) is referred to as the breath.

    ego ergo non.jpg

    The small black dot represents movement which is a carnal function when ties with the breath.

    This is how to forgive prime evil.

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    Re: Astrological influences usage

    Water is the least clear element in astrology, and Pisces (along with the XIIth house) tend to be the least understood water zodiac sign.

    This is partly due to the nature of its rulers: Neptunian and Jupiterean energies are far from being easily defined (in opposite to rational Mercury and Saturn). Jupiter and Neptune are in the core of where creativity, inspiration and seeds for any creative thoughts are pre-born. Therefore, they are in the process of setting a direction for your ship: if used well, you may have a vision that exceeds the abilities of any other sailor on the board - this is much more what a human mind can do; if not, you would be lost in unclear illusions and dependent on horrible winds. At best, with Jupiter and Neptune on your side, you may reach the gods realm; at worst, you may end up as a slave in the hells. The guiding star which leads you either to one or to the other place is your ability to access true inspiration.

    That's how Pisces energy works. Humanity is bearly able to make a constructive usage of it, thus Neptune has a rather poor reputation confirmed by the observed behaviour.

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    Re: Astrological influences usage

    Inspiration + water = truth("I am likeable") = holy sexuality

    You're right, the water element has been a swamp for far too long. Hopefully this USA presidency can address that much sincerely.

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    Re: Astrological influences usage

    It is said that the dragon comes from the east, and is most powerful at spring. The dragon is qi energy at its most powerful stage, also known as the "breath of god". This is where we can find lots of analogies between ancient philosophies or religions, particularly the Asian ones.

    In the western astrology, the energy coming from the east, starting with the spring equinox, is Aries. It's probably the most powerful, and ready to use directly, energy in the whole zodiac. Starting important events, like global events, like making a total revolution by using viruses etc. in the world, is supported by this cosmic cycle stage at this point.

    But don't worry. Use the Aries energy for your benefit. I did, and do. The results tend to be faster (Mars), and stronger, than in any other case. It's a perfect time for empowerment and use of magic (the other zodiac sign that bears similar power, but on the yin side, is also ruled by Mars), as well as new endeavors.

    Make also use of the sun this month, it has the super-charging quality.

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    Re: Astrological influences usage

    The most related to spring, blossomming flowers, gardens, growth, and mother Earth beauty in general is Taurus zodiac sign.

    If you think of the Earth planet and its richness of nature in general, it has a lot to do with this single zodiac sign. It's a fixed earth sign, which means that it sustains, nourishes and protects its beauty. It is of course not a coincidence that Moon is strong in Taurus, as both are related to nourishment, vegetation and natural growth.

    Taurus is possibly most related to forming valuable things, and... manifestation. If you think of magic related to manifestation, especially earth forms (but not in a form of money), Venus is here of special meaning. If you think of increasing physical beauty and attractiveness, or even rejuvenation and keep the results strong and intact, you might start with using the power of Taurus.

    There is no more sustainable, durable and reliable sign in the whole zodiac than Taurus. This is where lays its power: if you want something to be ceaseless, it's the best zodiac energy for use for that goal.
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    Re: Astrological influences usage

    Ceaseless is the cause to be beautiful. All... knowing.

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    Re: Astrological influences usage

    Astrologically, the fastest planet in the solar system - is Mercury, and the quickest zodiac sign in the zodiac (ruled by this planet) - is Gemini. They work faster than a blink of an eye - because they relate to the thoughts sphere, the mental sphere: everything is as quick as your thought.

    It is not just striking fast. It is perceptible, pointful, agile, flexible, changeable, intelligently adjustable, and knows a lot - more than any other. Not to mention excellent memory access and finding the associations to anything / anyone. Knowledge, contacts, information, and data - might be not a value in themselves, but they lead to many opportunities and possibilities hardly achieved without those. Shortly speaking, Gemini makes things working much better, much faster, and much more intelligently, when used.

    Mercury and Gemini, due to its very neutral and adjustable nature, is a perfect addition to any other influence - even to its opposite Sagittarius sign, with which it fights when looking for the essence of things. Consider, for instance, how Aries or Mars work alone: it is a power in action, but not particularly flexible or perceptible. It looks for a "problem" that can be breached - but after several trials it is known to give up and look up for another challenge. Now add the pointful perception, observation and flexibility of Gemini to Aries influence - and you gain much more than a simple sum of the influences: now the power of Mars is modified in the way that it looks for a weak sides of the "opponent", and when finds them, strikes with a lightning speed. Mars alone won't be able to do that.

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    Re: Astrological influences usage


    To say that Aries cannot challenge Capricorn is well known. But that Gemini will not out-think Sagittarius is right. It's not always philosophical - somewhere along the way thought must be pure insight!

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    Re: Astrological influences usage

    Quote Originally Posted by olyris View Post
    To say that Aries cannot challenge Capricorn is well known. But that Gemini will not out-think Sagittarius is right. It's not always philosophical - somewhere along the way thought must be pure insight!
    I know something about that because I see the opposite: my Mars is in Cancer, the opposite to Capricorn sign. And my Jupiter is in the same zodiac sign as Mercury, they talk to each other very well.

    "Interestingly enough, Mars’ favorite sign to visit is not a fire sign or even an air sign. This aggressive planet’s least favorite sign is Cancer, and therefore, Cancer’s opposite sign—Capricorn—is Mars’ place of exaltation." from
    (watch out, this website is full of typical today ads and spammy pop ups)

    Is it that bad as astologers say? IMHO, no.

    All zodiac signs are always equal, after years of observations I realized that each has its strengths and weaknesses - no matter what planet resides in it.

    Taoists said that you may find weakness in strength and strength in weakness. This is what I observe about "strong" zodiac signs. My mom has Mars in Aries, she likes to rush things, and I admit I always hated the way she put pressure on me, always rebelled. She also has Sun in Capricorn, she approaches things in a serious, "not-enough" way, always looking for perfectness - and even if achieved, she doesn't trust it. Combine this Aries' rush with Capricorn's seriousness, and you may find a very difficult person to deal with So what a kid (like myself) with Mars in Cancer - "squared" to Aries and opposite to Capricorn - can do with all of that? Can "do" a lot. Capricorn tend to think they are right, Aries tend to act (rather than think) in a rightous way, my current boss is Aries, husband of my sister is Capricorn as well, as many other people I knew and worked with closely, so I know how to deal with them very well. Perhaps the most difficult people to "beat" are watery-oriented people, because they are so unobvious; haven't figured out it yet.

    Mars is a very earthy planet, indeed. As well as Saturn (and Mercury) is a very airy planet. Jupiter is watery, on the other hand, it combines with Moon very seamlessly.

    The key to master the planets is consciousness. They're nothing but energies - it's a simple game.

    If you realize it, astrology in practice is very similiar to the "rock paper scissor" game: this game has a deeper meaning, informing about the truth of the universe (how the energies work and how they are related to each other): when you know what is up, you know as well what other energy to use to overcome it. Same we find in the ancient Chinese wu-xing scheme:


    It's just a 5-elements (vs. 3 elements) version of the rock paper scissor game.

    From that wikipedia page:
    by exploiting the psychological weaknesses of inherently non-random opponents, it is possible to gain a significant advantage
    "non-random" translates to "programmed". I believe this is what wu shu (Chinese martial arts) were about - not just physical, not just energetic, but also psychological weapon.

    Such rules are used for thousands of years for designing the masses' programs: you give a fire person a carrot, you give an earth person a stick, you overwhelm an air person with flood of information and complexity and you keep a water person in fear so that it would not leave its shell.*

    You may overcome flood of information with meaning (Jupiter), carrot with purpose (Saturn), stick with compassion (Moon) and fear with belief (Sun). Note that Saturn opposes both Sun and Moon in zodiac.

    The true creativity (purposeful "randomness" vs. purposeless randomness) is beyond astrology, is an asset of spirit and consciousness. I'll leave the "purposefulness" part's meaning for the other occasion, but it is not the same as being goal-oriented or being ambiotious, which is just a distant shade of purposefulness reflected in the human mind; it is not possible to define it, because it outreaches rational, it is a part of consciousness itself and natural effect of inner (not outern) perception.

    * I.e. knowing astrology may give (and it does) the power over masses
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