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Thread: Day 1 - Am I too tired/relaxed?

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    Day 1 - Am I too tired/relaxed?

    Hey there,

    I just started the MAP program yesterday, and I'm extremely excited about it. I can't wait to read more, but I am doing it day by day. I already have a question about day 1. I was just wondering if it is okay to be EXTREMELY relaxed before I start the relaxation techniques, the breath awareness and the body awareness thing. I listened to 20 minutes of the BWGen file while sitting in a wooden chair with no head rest, and wow by the end I was extremely.. well I guess relaxed lol. I'm guessing this is a good thing, I'm just scared maybe the information won't sink in as much when I'm this tired. My head wanted to fall down and I had to make an effort to keep it up and stay awake. Well, is it a problem to get this relaxed? Or would this be considered a good thing? I just wanted to make sure.


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    As long as you can keep you're mind awake, it's great to be really relaxed.
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    One thing to add:
    I'm just scared maybe the information won't sink in as much when I'm this tired
    There is no information to sink in- the BWGen has binaural beats, which synchronize your brainwaves to bring them to a particular frequency. There is nothing to concentrate in, until you get to the mind-emptying part, in which you take your cues from tones to 'not think'. And that is also a matter of 'not responding'. So it's all good.
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