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Thread: Strange dreams

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    But in one moment I was shocked - the scenery was like from the worst horror movie: I saw some groups of people... closed in a glass boxes, tightly put into inside of the box. They were vividly knocking and asking for help - for openning the boxes. But no one did that.
    Today, a day after that dream, when I was out, some unexpected coincidence happened: on my way was laying a big bottle... fulfilled tightly with lots of beetles. Quick investigation revealed that someone killed them diligently: the hole in the bottle was plugged with a piece of branch so that they could not get out. I don't know how many of them there were, but maybe 100 or even more. In simple words, someone commited a murder on those beetles, so much ressembling the people closed in the glass box together killed as well in the dream the day before.

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    Re: Strange dreams

    I often had a "school" dreams, where I was a student on a lesson, and almost always I was unprepared, had bad grades etc. There was no just one subject, but many: frequently it was math, english, geography, music, even communication, and others. I know that, interestingly, other people have also similar dreams about school. I was thinking then: I am really critisized by having not enought skills in my dreams like in anything.

    Tonight was a dream in which was a simple test from English grammary - out of few students only I was good in it. The teacher was praising me. But the test was so basic and easy, that I was totally astonished by it, its low level and weird reactions of the teacher.

    I thought after the dream: the guides must be really sarcastic, giving such a basic grammary test topic in the dream.

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    Re: Strange dreams

    This dream (not sure if it was a real dream, after all; the feeling was unusual) was unlike any other, I've met R. A. Monroe (for whom I use RAM shortcut in next paragraphs) - or an energy (being) similar to him.

    We weren't in the physical bodies. He was showing me around, we were travelling like in something R. Bruce calls "real-time zone", with exception that the places tended to be rather strange. Mostly everything was dark, we were e.g. in a cave where people (or their projections, maybe?) were appearing and disappearing, like in a flash. If they were not projections, then they must have been just "sleepers". I was conscious, they not necesserily; we were talking with RAM about those people.

    We were going to many places, one of the last which was a city seen from the top. We moved through the walls into a big white european-like stylished building in which I saw many elder tourists (above 60 years old) from the western Europe. I don't know if they were living (probably), or sleepers.

    RAM was tutoring me on many things which for a physically living person (me) are totally unrelated and abstract. There were so many of these things, that I can't remember what I was learning, however I was very curious about the stuff he was talking to me about. I remember e.g. a two combined candlesticks with 2 small indigo candles in them which was somehow important, as he was referring to it. In the end he gave me an unusual handbook (non-physical, of course) with the summary of everything that I learnt in this quite long journey with him. I viewed it quickly and thought: "too much of material, I won't remember this!". Then he suggested to go to the last page, which turned out to be a glossary with all the important terms, including reference to that candlestick which I mentioned. I viewed it again quickly, and was certain that when I awake, I won't remember what they were about. Indeed, I was right...

    Note: I don't pay much attention to R. A. Monroe and his stuff, and I use only 2 of his meditation tracks (like yesterday) only for other than OBE purposes.

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