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Thread: Strange dreams

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    Strange dreams

    It was quite a surpising dream about the future...

    Tonight when sleeping I was clearly in some astral area, looking at the world's map. I was complaining that other countries (I named France, UK, Italy, Germany, and even Russia) have all better economic relationships established with China. I sensed there are at least 2 or 3 beings next to me, but I couldn't see them. One of them commented: "don't complain, China is going to dominate the world economy, and this is for these countries undoing; be glad to be saved from that"...

    The interesting fact is that I consciously have no idea about all of that, never being interested in watching the international relationships between countries.

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    Re: Strange dreams

    Now that's interesting. I'm glad you wrote it down.
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    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: Strange dreams

    I have had China in my Australian bigger picture recently. I say your dream has some essential truth to it. Things feel different since.

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    Re: Strange dreams

    Well, so maybe this one could also interest you. I have from time to time a dreams which don't fit into any category. If you're interested, I may put it here into the forum.

    Me and few other people went into something that looked like an elevator - except that it was outside, and it didn't move in space, but in time.
    In other words, we travelled in time, to the XXIII-rd century. Then we left this "elevator", looking around on the world how does it look like.
    So... I was deeply disappointed. We saw the world under the global government. Everything - literally - was under control, everything sterile clean. In the surroundings there were high glass buildings (and no others - only glass-made), quite similar to those found in XXIth century, just looking more modern and very, very clean. The sun was strongly radiating on them, so that the glasses reflected a strong solar light. There was a significant change in the sky: I think that the ozon hole, protecting us still today, was either absent or weak - and it affected the whole air and the climate.
    There were some trees around - all of the same type only, overly artificially green (not like in our nature, but more fair green - perhaps the consequence of the climate change), leafy trees. There was no wild forests no more in the world, no wild nature - like I mentioned, now everything was controlled by people. There were probably no animals there as well...
    There were few people from the XXIII-rd century around us who were shocked seeing us leaving this "elevator". They had different than we clothes, more futuristic, and very boring, "unified" I'd say. I had an impression that these people seemed to be mentally "weak" - having no much mental freedom, all accepting the government and the situation without a shadow of disagreement. They probably weren't aware that the Earth could look like differently than it was then. Something so different from what they were used to - us and the "time-machine" - caused a sudden, clear fear in them. Instead of curiousity, they quickly were passing us by, trying to forget what they saw! (Because it was out of their schemes).
    I was so disappointed, so when I awoke, I was aware that it was just a single time-line from many other possibilities, and I promised myself I would do anything to ensure that this time-line is not going to become true for the future of the Earth!

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    Re: Strange dreams

    Recently I'm aware that some beings, of a mentor-like type, frequently inquire me when sleeping about various things. They seem to attempting to discover perhaps my value or something, or trying to find some scenarios, I don't know. Maybe other people are being inquired too, but don't remember that?
    I'm aware of many things happening during the dreams. Recently I was asked about my attitude toward money. They seem to want to know what is my attitude toward spending larger amounts of money. I said I have no problem with both finding a way to earning more, and spending. Telepathic inquire continued, and I was asked what even if I wanted to save some more money, wouldn't it bother me? I was surprised a bit, even if I know most people has such attitude toward money. But I replied instead, trying to reason it logically: isn't it that the only function of money is to be ultimately spent somewhere? Even when I'm investing some, the only goal of investing is having more money to be spent ultimately? Right?
    The being didn't bother to reply, but left me alone, confused. It seemed like they gathered by this short talk enough information, not caring to explain me anything.
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    Re: Strange dreams

    SeveraI years ago I had a number of dreams related to qabbalah, particularly learning it. But I never did this - I mean I've bought some few books, but it never held my attention for long. It seemed very abstract, and maybe overly intellectual. Although I always thought that there's some important idea hidden in it. I know many other people reacted to qabbalah like me, never actually managing to learn it.

    Then I forgot about it, until recently... Few months ago again a book on qabbalah was offered to me in the dream, with suggestion that it consists of everything what is needed to know.

    And until this night...

    Dream about a "qabbalah-like" game

    Before dream I requested to give me some ideas about my life purpose, but the dream surpised me totally... This dream was very symbolic in quite abstract sense.

    I was hanged in some astral or beyond-astral realm, being one of players in some big game. This game was supposed to be a part of a process of existence, or something.

    The board was very specific: similar to the qabbalah tree, but different in the sense that it had not 2 edges (bottom and top) as in the qabbalah tree, but 4 sides - like 4 world directions. So it was kind of cross, consisting of many dots-circles, inside looking like a light spots (just like spheres in qabbalah), which were the only elements that constituted this board. They were on the edges and in the middle of the cross. Each of those spots was occuppied by one player. And the board was enormously big. I think there was at least a few dozens of players... but I might be wrong.

    Except the dots (places), which always stayed the same, in the same position, the game was mainly about the cards. These cards were similar in a look to the major arcana from the Tarot of Marseilles deck. Each of the cards represented something profound in a cosmic sense. Not sure what exactly... but it seemed like representing some cosmic qualities or powers, possibly like spheres in qabbalah or major arcana in tarot...

    The game seemed to be not related to the Earth plane, but rather to cosmos - this was my feeling... i.e. it seemed that it wasn't about a particular incarnation, but beyond any incarnations. I didn't have a body there, I only sensed personalities, including mine. Everything was a pure thought there. However, the existence of anyone seemed to be an aggregation of thoughts: so beings (people? possibly) with the strongest personalities had also strongest thoughts, and had biggest aggregations of thoughts... Having no thoughts meant to not existing. I also learnt that having strong personality (i.e. strongest thoughts) there was not the same as having developed personality (wisest). (A comparison to physical bodies could be that the people having the biggest weight are not necesserily - and typically not - the strongest people).

    I sensed the other players, their motivations etc. As I mentioned, everything there was a pure thought - so telepathic skills allowed to "see" through others. Nothing could be hidden there - except when the other had not sufficient ability to see you through.

    The game wasn't about defeating other players - these were the cards which were in the center of attention of everyone. However, some players intrigued against others, so that they could possess some of the cards. I was barely aware what these cards were actually about... but they were the only valuable thing there: everything was about the cards, not about anything else, in the end.

    I was given a position at the left corner of the "cross"; there were also 3 other corners, taken by more advanced players than myself: 2 women at the right and bottom, and one man at the top. And lots of other players somewhere in the middle between these 4 sides of the cross - each having a position in one of those spots. The man at the top seemed to be gentle and wise, like having a philosopher or taoist kind of mentality. The opposite spot, at the bottom edge of the cross, was taken by a woman of which I thought as having a "queen"-like mentality: dominating, possesive and manipulative. She was very good in this game, having probably the biggest number of cards (but this didn't mean she was the best player). She possibly could have the strongest "personality" there (i.e. the biggest aggregation of strongest thoughts from all the players that I identified).

    But don't be mistaken by this simplified comparisons: everything seemed there to be quite complex and unobvious in the simple manner that typically a human mind wants it to be... I just make these comparisons to give you the idea what (quite blurred in fact) feelings I just had when experiencing this game... I wasn't aware of the whole board, there were many hidden things, possible to discoer.

    Intrestingly, no one knew the rules of this game! I felt that I know virtually nothing about it, I sensed that I was weak in it, other players were more skillful than me. However, it seemed like everyone was just discovering the rules, and the best players knew maybe 10 or 15% of the game. So everything was possible for a perceptive player.

    Also, no one seemed to know all the cards and entirely their meanings, despite the fact that all knew that everything was about the cards.

    I just started this game, so I was a total noobie, only watching other players. I felt pretty helpless there, but I was hoping to deal somehow with this game. I was given two cards at the beginning - and I underestimated their meaning and this "gift". I didn't even paid attention to what cards I had, more engaged with studying the board itself and watching others...

    I noticed one thing then about this game: it was all about awareness - putting your focus, i.e. it was purely mental game. Your consciousness, its range and decisions made were the "tools" which made any changes in the play.

    In other words, those who operated best with their consciousness were the best players. And the game seemed to have no end at all, i.e. seemed to be eternal! Perhaps, until kind of "transcendency" happened to him or her? I don't know...

    So the strategy for this game was to operate the resources of your own consciouness: if you paid attenation to one part of the board, you lost opportunity to pay attention to another part; if you focused only on one card, you lost opportunity to have idea abot the other cards on the board; on the other hand, if your attention was too disctracted, your thoughts had not enough power to influence the board - and if they did, you might have lost a better opportunity; if you paid attention to other players, you might miss some important cards or positions; if you didn't, you might be manipulated and influenced by others easily (what exactly happened to me then)...This is what I learnt during this game. Everything was related to the strategy of where you put your attention to and thus what decisions you make...

    I sensed that the "queen" player was very manipulative and by her intrigue she has taken quite a lot of cards (maybe 7 or so, which was a lot in this game; even having 1 or 2 cards was considered to be special). And she wanted more, so she manipulated others in different ways, possessing more and more power for herself. I sensed that she spotted me - she wanted my cards. I even didn't know when, but I lost my two cards quickly, and then have been removed from the position at the left edge of the cross, mainly due to her manipulations.

    Don't get me wrong: nothing in this game seemed to be personal, but everything rather impersonal. No revenge, actually no focus on the other players: winning meant developing yourself, not playing against the others. The "queen" player was also aware of that fact, however it was her playing-style to get easy cards in the biggest amount possible. She seemed to be more aware of what cards I had and their value than myself.

    The cards in the game could move from one spot to another (but could not "jump" randomly on the board). In fact I think that they couldn't go too far, so it wasn't possible for the queen to just "take" from me my cards, so she had to plan in much longer term in order to gradually "attract" my cards to her position, which started first moving to the center of the cross, thus being possessed temporarily by the other players there - being probably not aware that these cards are going to taken from them just like from me by her manipulations...

    I thought the game was over to me then. But it wasn't: I was just moved to another spot in the middle, closer to the center of the cross. My place at the left edge of the cross was taken by another, more skilfull, male player.

    The game wasn't about these spots, but after that I learnt more about this game: that the corners of the cross must be special and give some (not sure what) privileges to players who occupy them - as long as they do. I wasn't aware of that until I lost that position. It seemed that these two cards were having some powers (which I wasn't aware of), and loosing them so thoughtlessly made me weak and unsecured my position at the edge. That's probably I was removed from that cross edge.

    I sensed that the cards seemed to only give access to some possibilities (and it seemed like they represented some concepts - qualities which have no definite definition) - but it was up to the level of development of a player to get any benefits from it, in the degree relative to this development level. And since I was a noobie like I said, I had no benefits at all even when possessing potentially powerful cards.

    But instead of worrying, I simply tried to figure a new position. I was aware of the fact that everything in this game wasn't granted forever, but was temporary and flowing all the time. So the flexibility was a very helpful characteristic there.

    I also understood another rule of this game then: everything was about the range of consciousness. The edges of the crosses were very far from other players, but those in the middle were more "accessible" to various players. Those on the edges could be only manipulated indirectly - like it happened in my case, when I lost that position. The best players range was about just few spots from them; the worst players (like me) had some influence only on the closest spots from an occuppied position.

    So it seemed that much in this game was about widening the range, thus having more influence over more "area", which in turn gave access to cards laying in the closest area. I also learnt that the more you focesed on one area or spot, the stronger influence you had: so strengthening your thoughts by focus meant influencing the boards, other players, cards, circumstances... What circumstances? Of having a card available to you.

    (To give a comparison, try to imagine few people in a room with telekinetic skills, trying to influence a spoon at the same time: the ultimate effect to where it would move will be a resultant of all the forces / skills involved - actually unpredictable, and the only thing they could do was to use their will power to influence it, or influence something else indirectly then to influence the spoon move. This comparison gives the idea of how the queen could only indirectly deprived me of the cards, by the strategy of manipulating different players and forces around me when I was at that prominent position at the beginning).

    Now I was closer to the queen player, being in the middle of the board. I looked at the bottom from myself: I sensed a few also quite weak players around. Now the queen lost interest in me: since I had no cards now and no prominent position, she didn't bother about myself any more - so it was a relief to me. New "boring" position was much safier - as now I wasn't in the center of attention of other players. And I must say that the "queen" was quite terrifying... not sure what she was able to do.

    Fortunetely, since she lost an interest in me, focused on further manipulations with the other players, I could start planning my new strategy. In a way being close to that "queen", i.e. close to her range, seemed to give me some advantages - like ability to hiding better, as many other players also tried to avoid her and the area in her range... so being flexible, it made me safier there.

    I looked around into the closest spots to me, i.e. being close to my "new" range, sensing some other players and some cards close to me. I was wondering what to do next.

    And then one card grabbed all my attention, so I stopped looking anywhere else: I read the title of the card (the only card that I read in the dream): "Immortality". The card was quite close to me, available, and not in the interest of the queen at the moment, and the other players also didn't put a special attention to that card. But I did! In the moment when I spotted this card, occupying a spot so close to me, I became obsessed with it.

    I felt that I could try to draw this card to me simply by strong focus on it: perhaps this is a reference to something like "power of thoughts" or "law of attraction". Now I stopped paying attention to anything else. I wanted that card badly! (Even if I was aware - from reading mind of the other player, particularly the "queen" and the "taoist" - that they valued the other cards more - but couldn't identify these cards yet with being too noobie for this game still).

    In the short time span of this dream I leant quite a lot on this game. Still I felt that I'm a noobie, only wanting to win "something", until I spotted that card I mentioned, which took all my attention and focus at the end of the dream. Then I woke up.

    Any ideas how to interpret this?

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    Re: Strange dreams

    One of things coming to my mind is that the 4 directions seem to be related to traditional 4 qualities: the Earth at the bottom (tendency to posses), Heaven at the top (wisdom, but not being possessive), left side to rising energy (I was optimistic at the beginning, yet having no "fundamentals" to get anything out of the game), the right side to contracting energy (an experienced player, who deals perhaps too much with actual circumstances).

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    Re: Strange dreams

    Analysis of the dream...
    When interpreting the dreams I find most useful to watch the feelings and the context - before interpreting any details. The cross-board hanged in the cosmos and the cards were the context for this dream, which should be analyzed first in this case I think. So I try to not stop at stating that something is quite obvious, but - if worth - throroughly think it through to make sure I don't miss any important points.

    The cross board, what does it mean? This may mean many things: a galaxy (with 4 corners), an ancient symbol (crosses or their variations), a specific qabbalah tree, a matrix for the universe at mental level (everything was in the dream made of thoughts), 4 world directions as I mentioned previously...

    The cards, to which importance was put so much attention in the dream, could help in identifying it, so they also need to be well understood: their ressemblance to the oldest known tarot deck suggested both - something old or ancient, and the symbolic meaning. This makes things more clear to me: the cards are meant to bring the universal archetypes, suggesting that the board was a kind of structure like in the qabbalah tree. Cosmic mental sphere indicated also an universal (unrelated to a particular earth incarnation) meaning.

    The fact that it was presented as a kind of game suggests some rules behind it - that need to be yet discover, and the game itself seems to be an analogy to how we function in the universe: not knowing the laws but discovering them in the practical (for ourselves) sense. Seemingly "win-loose" effect was only our interpretation, as the game was endless. However, the dream seemed to indicate what was the valuable result in playing so and attempting to "win": the development of our consciousness, which in turn helped playing even better.

    Four corners of the board seem to me suggest that there are basically 4 "types" or "approaches" to dealing with the universe (represented by 4 elements). None of them is "better" way, but we may have a preferences to one, or a mix, of them. It seemed that left or rather "east" side (related basically in most cosmologoies to male energies) as a kind of energy, as "right" or "west" side was occuppied by a woman. So I'd say "east" side (probably mostly referenced to the air element) was mostly preferred by myself, since I started the play there. I didn't quite like the player at the bottom ("earth") in the dream,being quite obvious reference to materialism / possessing things, which was represented by the "queen" type of mentality. However, this was only my own view, and in the cosmic sense it may not have a pejorative connotation.

    I had a feeling that the dream seemed to convey a wide idea on our existence in the universe, because somehow it felt very different from all the others - like I mentioned in the description, it felt very impersonal. The cards were representing some universal qualities, and the dream interpretation bounds to them. The weigh in the dream was also put on our abilities to manage our mind and consciousness, and how it affects "the board" - which is a reference to "framework" in which we operate, the structure of the plane or the universe.

    The only card that I read also shines some light on what kind of concepts or achetypes the cards were about. Despite the fact that I know that in many ancient civilizations (like Mesopotamia) immotality was one of things the people were concerned with, I thought always that it has no additional meaning or importance: I just viewed it in a very practical sense. This is something I need to now re-consider where the universal value of immortality lays in. But obviously it's related to mastering the life itself, or mastering life alchemy in the cosmic sense.

    The further interpretation is still in work.
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    Re: Strange dreams

    Dreams associated with "the future" (or science fiction and time travel) can be associated with a somewhat higher plane than you're used to projecting. Higher energy is symbolized in "more advanced." What you might have responded to is a feeling of unity (expressing itself in the uniformity) that you can encounter on these planes, and the radiant nature of the Source (strong solar light).

    This may initially not to seem to match your dream but what happens when any experience with the energy of the planes is had that there is a processing and interpretation through all the filters you possess as a person. This especially true for opinions, judgments, and evaluations you had in your own mental voice about the environment. So this is more a look into yourself and how you define yourself and your individuality, and how this definition of yourself reacts to your environment.

    For example you mentioned the layer of ozone protecting us. If you take the sun for the Source interacting with us, we do indeed have "protection" from too much exposure to Source on the lower planes, especially the physical and astral. These planes are in a sense outer planes, more distant from Source. As you get closer you are "less protected" from Source with all effects this brings. So the "future" (a less distant plane from Source) has less of a layer to "protect" you from the Source's light.

    This might seem contradictory in that many people define the Source as ultimately good and beneficial but what the light of Source does is that it strips away all that is false and resistant, so people experience discomfort from an equivalent to sunburn maybe up to agony, depending on how close they came to Source and how much their capacity they had to do so, and especially how much identified they were with those parts of themselves. We sometimes identify with our body, emotions, habits, beliefs or similar concepts quite strongly. This strong identification comes under duress closer to Source. You can picture such a relationship as the ozone layer and bright sunlight on a future Earth.

    Similar the sterile cleanliness could be a symbol for less human emotional clutter in this energetic environment. If you've ever been to the lower astral you might have seen some really dingy neighborhoods in comparison. (Or worse - it depends on the experiencer. I saw concrete urban sprawl with bouncers in front of night clubs. )

    An elevator is by the way a typical sign for moving between sub-planes at the very least or maybe even planes. Escalators are typical for moving sub-planes as well. These ways of moving represent an almost effortless change between planes. In comparison, hiking up a slope would be more demanding, meaning that the plane or sub-plane is harder to reach.

    Your dream is very clear, though, and offers good material for interpretation.

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    Re: Strange dreams

    Quote Originally Posted by Korpo View Post
    Dreams associated with "the future" (or science fiction and time travel) can be associated with a somewhat higher plane than you're used to projecting. Higher energy is symbolized in "more advanced."
    I can see nowadays people tend to interpret a dreams in a very "esoteric" and highly symbolic way like in a modern jungian-like psychology. But sometimes dreams are quite straightforward.

    I had many, many, really many dreams about the future: about some changes, about the kind of society we "are" becoming (or rather, we are gradually being "designed" to become so - typically very dark dreams, where technology controlled everything), about prices (houses, stock exchange, gold...) - if you're interested in the latter, all of them clearly indicated that the prices of houses will rise even further, for example in one dream I was joking that they are so high that it's ridiculous now, and there are no space at all around, but the prices in the dream continued to rise anyway, to surprise of everyone around and myself.

    So I think that I'm quite aware of what we are going to face quite soon.

    I also had dreams - especially when I resisted using Tarot, although the thought in my mind was insiting somehow on me to take it - about having a tarot reading in the dream, always from a woman. Quite surprising.

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