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Thread: Strange dreams

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    Re: Strange dreams

    Quote Originally Posted by Antares View Post
    In the short time span of this dream I leant quite a lot on this game. Still I felt that I'm a noobie, only wanting to win "something", until I spotted that card I mentioned, which took all my attention and focus at the end of the dream. Then I woke up.

    Any ideas how to interpret this?
    Ok. I think that today's morning insights and the recent events in my life gave we a wider understanding of this dream and how to interpret it.

    Universe = board
    The cross (as the board's 4 refererral points) corresponds to the 4 universal (cosmic) directions.
    The 4 directions emphasis the 4 sun "states" seen from the horizon when on the earth: culminative (south), absent in the lowest point (north) when it's invisible, rising (east) and declining (west).
    While we on the Earth usually think of them as inherent to our planet, it is actually the cosmic order: 4 cosmic horizontal qualities. (There are also 3 vertical qualities, in total giving 12 areas known as the zodiac signs in our solar system, but the dream didn't relate to those, so I won't speak of them).

    On each level of our being we are shifting towards one of those 4 qualities, having some concepts in our "playground" that attract our attention, moving here or there, toward certain direction. All of these are reflected in the cosmic records, and put into a proper context: the cross reflects this context. (It's important to not judge and compare these 4 qualities, all of them are absolutely equal, these are just we who may value in one time one over the others).

    In other words, a lifetime on earth, and the existence beyond it (in the astral soul body), doesn't stay in vain. It has a direct and vivid effect on what's happening in the universe. Our choices from our physical limited perspective seem to be limited only to us: when we do this or that, when we chose this or that, what we do with our lives, all seem to be our independent choices. We don't think about how they affect the universe. But they do. The side-effects of our incarnations go far beyond a single incarnation: they affect the whole existence (the universe, but essentially the other "players")...
    Hence that game in the dream presented in the way where "players" were affecting each other.

    Our incarnations are just a part of this never-ending (as it was emphised in the dream) "game"...

    (And a comment here: the cross is NOT a representation of the zodiac signs circle. The zodiac belt is related to the Earth and the solar system (our local astrological environment). Cross is referring to the universe - the cosmic order.)

    Incarnation = game
    Before the dream I wanted to know my life purpose. The dream seemed to explain my life in a very wide (i.e. cosmic) context.

    The placement on the east at the beginning of the dream surprised me. I recall now that when I was once checking my Chinese astrological data, I had the eastern trigram there. The energy that I have in this life-time seems to confirm that.

    This was my birth, and the originally planned way.

    The further events and choices in my life have thrown me out from my originally planned life-path. What actually happened, and what cast me off of my true way?

    The correspondence with IA56 shined a new light on what happened. The dream explains it clearly: the influence of the northern in quality energies (particularly related to yin and the matter) caused that I've lost a focus on the original two qualities (represented as a tarot-like archetypical cards in the dream). The woman (queen) on the north wasn't a coincidence: this represented women of that material type both in my birthchart and in my life (generally, represented as earth zodiac sign).

    Cards = life choices resulting in qualities gained on the higher level
    This reveals that there is no destiny as such. There are only "planned suggestions" and "incentives" in our incarnations. We can totally mess this all up, and live totally different way than what was chosen before incarnating into a new life-time.

    While dealing with the material world, I got interested in a new subjects. I also moved from intuitive (east) more to logical and concrete (north) approach to the reality. This resulted in loosing my original two cards (archetypes I was willing to develop my personal power - represented by archetypes - in this life time), and interested in another one, which unexpectedly took my all interest recently.

    Our minds (egos) are not aware of those pre-birth choices. We have free will to choose the planned life-path - or not, i.e. to do something different from it.

    Each important life choice has a hidden universal meaning - the concept or archetype behind it. These life choices are recorded and reflected on the universe's "board", affecting not only our next life-times, not only others' next life-times, but also the existence in the universe as such. They remain with us as the new qualities (powers), which we may (temporary) loose... until we choose differently!

    In other words, our life choices do not stay in vain, as I mentioned - in the cosmic sense. Hence whole this "game" with incarnations (roles played - not necesserily exactly the same way as was planned, as is in the theatre), and creating an illusion of time (to be more accurate, actually the time-lines from which we can choose, as our lives go on - and these are infinite in number!).

    When we "move" in the universe "board" (the cross), this means that we have cosmically changed our orientation: toward one of the 4 archetypical directions, by making an important shifts in our life-times.
    (I wonder whether these 4 directions correspond to the 4 archetypical angels - in brackets I put the directions references found in the internet: Raphael (east), Micheal (south), Gabriel (west) and Uriel (north). In the dream there were 4 figures, each on one corner of the board: I think they were archetypical, symbolizing a pure quality of one of those 4 types, and known under different forms in different mythologies, one of these being 4 angels at 4 corners / world directions)

    When we make an essential choice in our life, we are not aware of how it affects (alters) the time-line we then move into. But from such perspective, they do...

    Giving the example from my life: when I got more involved into the business and material matters, this was reflected in the cosmic sense - so I moved from my original position at the east into the one closer to the north direction, which represented the material world in the dream.

    Our life-time (chosen time-lines in a particular incarnation) depends on our choices in the cosmic sense, and we have the power to change them any way we want to. Lack of awareness of this fact however makes us blind: so we move here or there (reflected as moves on the board in the dream), without understanding the wider context to our lives. I did so in the dream: moving to other spot on the board as a "noobie", not understanding what happened and why did it happen.

    The astrological birthchart reflects and suggests the biggest powers playing role in our life-time in the cosmic sense: thy are activated because of the planets' transits, providing mostly this way the cosmic power to alter the time-line (jumping into another time-line - which we from our limited perspective see as an important change in our lives).

    The 4 directions (essential 4 elements) and the archetypical concepts act then as a good reference sheet - the criteria against which we may evaluate our lives so far. If we're not happy, we should trust this feeling. The time-line can be changed anytime, and we can start working on this alternate version of our life-path anytime.

    My general conclusion is that we cannot make essential life choices blindly. We should first contemplate them thoroughly in order to move into a proper time-line. We cannot base our choices purely on reasoning and logic (as I did in past). We need to trust more our feelings and intuition, as they exceed the restrictions of our daily perspective and go beyond limitations of time and space, as we know them...
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    Re: Strange dreams

    It's essential to watch your feelings and the major impressions during a dream. The special dreams, as I call them, have a significantly different feeling than those usual ones.

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    Re: Strange dreams

    Today's dream (actually number of dreams tonight, but this one was unique) might be interesting to you.

    I was analyzing and thinking about things like soul purpose in the evening, but without any expectations... Just thinking and nothing more. I even didn't do any excercises (which I usually do before sleeping), not using any crystals etc. This night I just wanted to go to sleep and nothing more...

    But there was more...

    There were at least 20 people in the room. The feeling was that we were a group working on something together but not knowing each other personally, like it is typical in corporations. First it seemed quite informal meeting, but soon it turned out that the goal of this gathering was important: each person was supposed to choose two projects on which he or she is going to work on - one major project and one minor project. There was at least 10 projects to choose from, not in any particular order, so major ones were mixed with the minor ones. They were represented symbollicaly by smaller (minor) or bigger (major projects) dots, all arranged in the line.

    All of the projects were globally focused - i.e. concerned the whole planet and the global society. I don't know what criterion made projects being classified to minor or major ones. And honestly, I didn't feel drawn to any of those which we were presented...

    I don't remember all of those projects, although in the dream I was clearly analyzing each of them - to some paying more attention though. I remember particularly one project called "China". I saw its red-yellow flag dominating over the world, and there was a work to do about it from the other countries in the upcoming... years? decades? Not sure. I didn't like it. (But one note here: this wasn't aggression or anything, the Chinese influence was supposed to come imperceptibly, very differently from an american imperialism... and it is occuring now).

    Some people gathered there had a special position: they were very involved in some of the projects, particularly major ones. For example one blond young woman had found one of those major projects, related to habitants. She silently hoped that me and my collegue who was there would choose her project to support it...

    I had some drawing feeling to it and to this woman as well, but I was fully aware of her telepathic unintended influence... I was hesitating, not sure what to choose. Other people were more clear what they wanted, I felt often rather selfish motivations behind seemingly impersonal goals related to these projects from some of those people.

    Then informal meeting became formal: each person had to declare 1 major and 1 minor project on which he or she is going to work on in the upcoming time. I was intenstively thinking... Finally I decided that I allow my feelings to choose...

    So when my turn for declaring came, I decided to support that woman's project, and as a minor project I chose the one named "Health". Explanation "why" wasn't obligatory, but I explained anyway to all the other gathered people the arguments behind choosing this Health project. I was so convincing in this explanation that I surprised even myself - and I saw people surprised as well: I seemed to convince all the others why this particular project is very important. I felt that some of these people started to regret that they didn't support the "Health" project.

    When I woke up, I was even more surprised. I felt a praise and happiness from some invisible non-material beings watching me during that dream apparently... I felt like they thought that I made a perfect choice and were happy because of it... I was confused.

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    Re: Strange dreams

    The harshness and little care of higher level beings
    I frequently hear voices, particularly one male voice commenting many things. I am often surprised when hearing it - because of many things.
    One of those is the fact how they approach the life on earth - or how little care they associate with the humans and their lives.

    Look for instance on this dream from the previous month that I had: I was trying to please one girl, pretty - but not in my type (she was of Kate Winslet actress similart type). I don't know her in real life. When she was constantly negative and didn't want to talk at all, and I was wondering what to do, the dream was about to end, and when awakening, I heard clearly the voice commenting the dream: "she is not worth it"...

    I had more "insights" like those in the dreams or while sleeping. Interesting.

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    Re: Strange dreams

    The last 2019 day dream:

    Me and two older women were about to take some precious medicaments from some special pharmaceutical corporation. We were on kind of mission - take and return the needed medicament. There was a restriction: onle one medicament could be taken by one person - hence we all 3 were required. Not sure why... I also didn't then realize at the beginning how these medicaments were important - but indirectly I figured it out in the ending of the dream...

    I was many times surprised in this dream. First, the building was a big fortess, surrounded by a moat. As it turned out, only women worked in this company! Despite of this, it was full of the edge technologies, particularly securing and scanning stuff. Infrared or laser devices were scanning us multiple times - each was a kind of test for us whether we can go in further, or not. The last test, inside the building, was the hardest: it scanned through our minds, and the woman who was supposed to finally give us the medicaments, was suspicious toward me - what's more I was also anxious and not trusting myself, I was wondering whether my mind would go astray and suggest me stealing the medicaments, since they seemed to be so precious... but to my and her surprise, we all passed the scanning thoughts test. I wondered: am I that good, or this scanning device wasn't perfect? We were given those precious medicaments and could return them with the mission ending in success.

    The first 2020 day dream:

    In the sunny summer weather I saw several groups working on some very important globally tasks, sometimes challenging and risky. I wasn't there, so I saw only other people, but with some of them I identified with a bit. Some were related to hiding people, some - most risky - related to work in an embassy, and another was about military things. In the last one I identified bit with a strong black bearded decisive charismatic commander of a 30 or so people special military troop (so it wasn't fighiting in a regular battles), who said to his superior that he leaves, not wanting to participate any more in this kind of tasks. His superior tried to bribe him, which was very tempting, but after a thought, he only repeated his mind, and he left the soldiers, not intending to return to military activities (which was unusual for a person with such a military exterior and experience, as he seemed to be ideally suited for a warrior craft).

    EDIT 14th may 2020 INTERPRETATION: I realized that the commander was an aspect of my personality, because I occassionally recieved a thought of participating in kind of wars - but probably not battles - and each time I after giving a thought to that was replying: "I'm not going to participate in any conflicts, I consider myself a pacifist" - I was insistent many times in it.
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    Re: Strange dreams

    Quote Originally Posted by Antares View Post
    Universe = board
    The question is: who is the player, moving the pawns (people and their souls) on the "cross-shaped" board?

    I've just learnt it today: that dream was how things are from the spirit's perspective. Life - in its multidimensional meaning - is actually like the chess game. It brings joy to it when playing this "game", achieving further qualities, developing new ones etc. - as represented by the cards. Spirit is not limited to one incarnation; it is even not limited by time and space.

    This means that the free will given to us brings even more joy and delight to the spirit. It achieves its goals anyway: if not through one pawn, then through another; if not in one (life-)time, then in another; if not on one planet, space, level, dimension and so forth - then in another... It is an endless, cosmic game.

    This is the spirit perspective. From its perspective, it's fun.

    My perspective is the following: to get as much information and necessery skills from the spirit as possible in order to benefit as much from it in the whole life-time as possible. This means making a firm contact with our spirit in order to benefit from its infinite possibilities and powers. Most people in our times don't do that, hence they are a "poor" pawns at this moment, and not benefiting from it much. But to open to spirit means also to be open to develop and transform (change or modify) our personal preferences, thus being open to new ways.

    Does spirit want us to participate in this joy? Only if we choose so. If not, the will of spirit is to allow us to having the free will - as well. If we go to failure, it allows us to do so; if we go to success, it also allows us to do so. It's a simple explanation why people like Hilter can be so successful from our perspective - in a way. Experience of success or failure doesn't mean much to the spirit: it's just experience; but it does to us.

    Yesterday I read a book on shamanic practices among the native American Indians. How surprised I was when I learnt that this is exactly what these practices were about: to seek out the spirit in order to gain benefits, including sense of direction, any kind of power, skills, and vision from it.

    Spirit does not care if we choose immortality, or not - it's our choice; if we chose this partner or another - again it's our choice; if we choose criminal or spiritual life, and so on. The spirit's perspective is that we would learn / gain / benefit from the experience something anyway. This is the idea of free will. It's we - human beings - who choose an achievement to go with, and to the degree to which we want it. For instance, take a total health state (this is not the same as being healthy in the western standards): it's an achievement, and we can develop our abilities into this direction, or to just give up. It is our choice - our free will.

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    Re: Strange dreams

    Another strange dream this night that I had. Seems like it qualifies for a new category of dreams: an absolutely mental type of dreams (i.e. without the typical astral involvement).

    This had to be occuring totally out of time-space, including out of astral space, typical for most of the dreams. I was not present in the dream in any form. I was only represented symbolically by a... 2 phrases, which reflected my general thoughts.

    I was working mentally in this dreams: analyzing and thinking though a different variants of healing, trying to find the best one. There was another being with me - I only sensed "him", and saw his representation by another phrase hanged in the "void". Our phrases had yellowish-brown colors.

    Then the third "being" appeared, this time represened by white phrase and strange feelings. I instantly recognized that this being is extra-terrestial, as we call them; having no much feelings as humans have. This being came to me for solving / proposing a solution: to use help for healing from it, or in general from E.T. Further more, I recognized that this "being" was not alive, but created artificially: a mental-level advanced technology, like a mental-level android. It had however some energy of their E.T. creators, but with quite a little consciousness.

    In this mental space I was totally safe and mentally powerful (in opposite to astral sphere, which I wrote in the other message on the forum). I checked what this E.T. was suggesting. After a while of trying I had a clear conclusion: to NOT take a help from any E.T.'s on direct healing. I felt clearly where it was going to: they either healed or was just pretending to doing so, but most importantly they tried to identify their "patients" core energies - with an unclear motivations! I decided to stop it and reject E.T. help.

    Soon I had an ultimate conclusion what is the best way to heal: it's a combination of use of shamanic powers with the traditional methods of healing.

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    Re: Strange dreams

    Interestingly, in a consecutive night I had just another mental type of dream on the healing subject, in many wasy very similar to the previous one. I was again working on verifying different ways of using healing, this time it was specifically about using Ayurveda. However, I was not there... I was totally invisible, and saw a group of people - as energies (not as physical bodies). I was trying to use Ayurvedic methods of healing on them, but was not happy with the results. Finally a straight, bright line moved through this group like through a screen or something - which was meant to be a border (?) , maybe of range. Anyway, this time healing covered the whole group - and it worked.

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    Re: Strange dreams

    In recent few months it seems like someone is initiating some experiments with me which I find out about only in dream. I frequently - once in 2 or 3 weeks - am given some texts to read when sleeping shortly before awakening. Tonight I was reading 3 pages of a document on things totally not interesting to me, like on making a make-up for characters like in theatres etc., a thing totally unrelated to me. In other dreams I was given some other pages, documents, books - one of the recent ones was related to life in general, and when I turned the page it had only a headline "new chapter".

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    Re: Strange dreams

    Still invaded by demons, affecting my dreams.

    I noticed that when working on crystals it is important to be careful. My biggest crystal that I have - being much bigger than all the others that I have - that I used tonight, typically bring me a random experiences, more than half of which can be discribed as... evil. Before sleeping I was also working on my 6th and 7th energy center to get some more visions, to increase the effect.

    The crystal and the mentioned excercises worked - but in a bad way. Seems like it attracted in the night some evil being who got to my mind when sleeping. It affected my dream.

    The dream went this way: I was in some newly formed group of few people, we were supposed to do or work on something together. One man was our leader and guide - that was he who was forming the groups. There was a planned development path for us, so that we could advance. Soon I saw more people, from other groups, who were really more experienced in this work than we were.
    But in one moment I was shocked - the scenery was like from the worst horror movie: I saw some groups of people... closed in a glass boxes, tightly put into inside of the box. They were vividly knocking and asking for help - for openning the boxes. But no one did that.
    I was getting more and more suspicious and nervous in the dream, looking around and wondering what to do. Our leader was just smiling. Next he pushed a button on one of those boxes fulfilled with people, and some advanced engine inside of the box transformed the people inside into a... stack of fresh newspapers! The leader openned the box afterwards and took one newspaper copy, smelling it: "it's fresh!" he said with an evil smile on his face.
    I awoke, wondering WTH?! What is that supposed to mean? Soon I heard a clear voice commenting a dream in this wicked way: "A printer!". It took me a few seconds after I understood that it refers to the ending of the dream! Indeed, it used people as material for printing newspapers!
    So again I thought: WTH?! Who or what is invading my dreams in this vicious way?
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