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Thread: Strange dreams

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    Re: Strange dreams

    Quote Originally Posted by Antares View Post
    But in one moment I was shocked - the scenery was like from the worst horror movie: I saw some groups of people... closed in a glass boxes, tightly put into inside of the box. They were vividly knocking and asking for help - for openning the boxes. But no one did that.
    Today, a day after that dream, when I was out, some unexpected coincidence happened: on my way was laying a big bottle... fulfilled tightly with lots of beetles. Quick investigation revealed that someone killed them diligently: the hole in the bottle was plugged with a piece of branch so that they could not get out. I don't know how many of them there were, but maybe 100 or even more. In simple words, someone commited a murder on those beetles, so much ressembling the people closed in the glass box together killed as well in the dream the day before.

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    Re: Strange dreams

    I often had a "school" dreams, where I was a student on a lesson, and almost always I was unprepared, had bad grades etc. There was no just one subject, but many: frequently it was math, english, geography, music, even communication, and others. I know that, interestingly, other people have also similar dreams about school. I was thinking then: I am really critisized by having not enought skills in my dreams like in anything.

    Tonight was a dream in which was a simple test from English grammary - out of few students only I was good in it. The teacher was praising me. But the test was so basic and easy, that I was totally astonished by it, its low level and weird reactions of the teacher.

    I thought after the dream: the guides must be really sarcastic, giving such a basic grammary test topic in the dream.

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    Re: Strange dreams

    This dream (not sure if it was a real dream, after all; the feeling was unusual) was unlike any other, I've met R. A. Monroe (for whom I use RAM shortcut in next paragraphs) - or an energy (being) similar to him.

    We weren't in the physical bodies. He was showing me around, we were travelling like in something R. Bruce calls "real-time zone", with exception that the places tended to be rather strange. Mostly everything was dark, we were e.g. in a cave where people (or their projections, maybe?) were appearing and disappearing, like in a flash. If they were not projections, then they must have been just "sleepers". I was conscious, they not necesserily; we were talking with RAM about those people.

    We were going to many places, one of the last which was a city seen from the top. We moved through the walls into a big white european-like stylished building in which I saw many elder tourists (above 60 years old) from the western Europe. I don't know if they were living (probably), or sleepers.

    RAM was tutoring me on many things which for a physically living person (me) are totally unrelated and abstract. There were so many of these things, that I can't remember what I was learning, however I was very curious about the stuff he was talking to me about. I remember e.g. a two combined candlesticks with 2 small indigo candles in them which was somehow important, as he was referring to it. In the end he gave me an unusual handbook (non-physical, of course) with the summary of everything that I learnt in this quite long journey with him. I viewed it quickly and thought: "too much of material, I won't remember this!". Then he suggested to go to the last page, which turned out to be a glossary with all the important terms, including reference to that candlestick which I mentioned. I viewed it again quickly, and was certain that when I awake, I won't remember what they were about. Indeed, I was right...

    Note: I don't pay much attention to R. A. Monroe and his stuff, and I use only 2 of his meditation tracks (like yesterday) only for other than OBE purposes.

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    Re: Strange dreams

    I had recently two dreams about cities.

    Tonight I saw a (near) future city: very, very high sky-scrappers (more than 100 floors), and nothing else around. No other buildings were built anymore! The territory around them almost wild, not used. No cars anywhere - everything has been re-built on the Earth. Everything controlled by advanced technology. When you wanted to move, you used kind of tunnels, I think - which probably moved you at speedy pace to certain goals such as super-big malls (being part of the sky-scrapper buildings) The Earth itself looked differently, I didn't see any green, only rocks and mountains, and the dim sun, so it was not too sunny but dimmy.

    In the other dream, on the first day of this month I was in New York City - actually in its surrounding area. It was some kind of an old warehouses area. No people at all, almost no cars, nothing - just few cars passed by. It seemed like a "dead" area. I was a passenger next to a driver - a very impatient man driving a beautiful, dark red sports car. But I wasn't entirely happy with this car, and especially driver, tried first to convince him to slow down a bit and be wiser, but he didn't listen at all - he was like a macho type "I know everything better!". So I was looking for another car in this empty area, but haven't found any better, so I was stuck with that driver.

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    Re: Strange dreams

    I occasionally meet with celebrities, mainly musicians, in dreams for many years now, despite the fact that I never had interest in celebrities. For instance I met Paul McCartney (interestingly, my least favourite "Beatle"... ), Jerry Cantrell or Hilary Duff, and many others. They are very realistic in terms of personality, energy, behaviour, or intelligence. I've never had met any of them personally. Some of them even taught me things like singing (btw learning things in dreams is very typical to me: from mathematics, to music, to qabbalah, and others). That's really something odd to me.

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    Re: Strange dreams

    Another very mysterious, very short dream.

    I saw a man's hand placing completely white blank cards in 4 vertical rows: in first it was 1 card, in second 2 cards, in 3rd - 3 cards, in 4th - 4 cards, like this, where each card led to the two next ones (sorry for the dots, but it's the only way to make some spaces - read from the left to the right, ignore the dots):
    .......................... =
    .............. = ->
    ...... = -> ........... =
    = -> ...... = ->
    ...... = -> ........... =
    .............. = ->
    .......................... =

    I heard myself asking: "So what are these cards about?"

    The man replied: "Choices"

    Just after hearing this, I suddenly woke up.

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    Re: Strange dreams

    Strange dream in the context of the virus.

    I don't watch horrors at all, in fact I don't watch movies. But the dream was of that kind: maybe not terrifying, but rather thrilling like some modern gothic horror.

    It was dark, I was hanging around in the residentials.

    There were 2 types of people there: normal people, and "monsters" as I called them - they were former people who were infected somehow and mutated. The latter could not be touched, so I was beware of them.

    The mutation was seen partly physically - they had some small ugly details of their look which mutated, like pustules on head etc., but also psychological - they seem to not fear anything no more, like being not humans. Their ugliness - physical and psychological - was not straightforward, but it was becoming obvious when longer looking on them. They seemed like no more being independent individuals, only partly, but somehow mentally connected to a negative powerful "source" for their mental activity, and thanks to that telepathic or mental kind of support very confident. They also were somehow, at least partly, aware that they are not humans any more, and had only one mission: to convert all the other people into their kind. I was, then, obviously avoiding getting in touch with them - they were not recognizable at first glance, but their presence and behaviour quickly gave idea about their real nature... The mutation, as I felt in the dream, just "happened" to them - not because of their intent. But since they were infected, they were no more the same any more as before - it was an inner psychological "disease-mutation" which, as stated, could be also physically observed to a degree, but mainly in their behaviour.
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    Re: Strange dreams

    I was talking to an old friend in the dream who to my surprise recommended me a new, revolutionary book written by some renown authority, where he claimed that DNA of birds is not related in any ways to mammals and humans in particular. The hardcover of the book was nicely designed, it was dark blue, and had only a rather symbolic picture of red and yellow bird in the middle of it.

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    Re: Strange dreams

    I thought everyone knew that birds come from dinosaurs.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: Strange dreams

    I believe that this dream might refer to the idea that all living physical beings on Earth - animals, dinosaurs included, and humans - are currently thought of having all the same DNA origin. But the fact is, I'm really surprised to have such a dream on things that I know virtually nothing about and had no interest in.

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