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Thread: What is in the New Age?

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    What is in the New Age?

    Fear and love: Religion, presumes that the choice will be made to believe in God.

    Love and light: Spirituality, supposes that the decision will be made, at some stage, to want sex.

    Light and sound: Magic, suggests that analysis has all the answers to the question of, "what are you?"

    This theory is called faith. In essence, one did not choose to incarnate on Earth the typical way, if one did not experience confidence the first time he or she felt threatened. These people have a divinity of their own. Stars.

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    Re: What is in the New Age?

    Sound and will: Divinity - being real self, and not a small portion twisted by so called believes.

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    Re: What is in the New Age?

    Ah, yus!

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    Re: What is in the New Age?

    Will and Eternity: Expansion of consciousness in all the ways, no "tools" ever needed, everything is consciousness / caused by consciousness.
    Eternity and Infinity: The beginning (pure creation) - which never ends.

    The 7th point missing still...

    (something) and Fear: ?

    Maybe this:

    Infinity and Fear: The excitement of the new adventure to explore the new creation (which never ends), where darkness (fear or weakness) is required to fully explore it, and some religions tending to call it the (re)-incarnating cycle, believing that people "must" quit it at all costs and get rid of all the fun (called "desires"). Hmm.
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    Re: What is in the New Age?

    I heard about the Kabbalah students who preferred (loved) one sphere over all the others, like for instance Chesed sphere.

    Which one of these 7 points is the most appealing?

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    Re: What is in the New Age?

    Love to think about love.
    Hate to think about hate.

    Does it make any practical sense, I wonder? Some people do the opposite.


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