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Thread: Substitute BWG with Hemi Sync Journeys Out Of Body

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    Re: Substitute BWG with Hemi Sync Journeys Out Of Body

    Quote Originally Posted by CFTraveler View Post
    If you're doing the 90 day program (which is what I thought you asked for) the book will tell you when to do it. I just provided the exercise.
    The original BWG are in CD Rom format, which no one uses anymore, or has the capability of playing. But if you own the JOOB CDs, you can use the tracks for the binaural exercises, and this video is for the other tracks that may not be available.

    Yes I am going to follow 90 day program also i the Astral Projection Mastery course program, Kundaini program and healing and manifesting program. I also do Authentic Temple Tai Chi which is a complete system of Tai Chi for spiritual format which greatly complements roberts whole program. What I am doing is I am creating my own personal energy work training video with the Energy Work Exercises from the Astral Master Projection program and Healing and Manifestation Program. I am also adding a few energy work exercises from some of Roberts youtube videos. So I am going to edit them all into one mp3 audio format and run that as one whole work out. For now but later as i progress I will add other exercises from the Energy Work Book.

    I see when the book tells me to use it but what i don't get is what that which tracks should I use for which week from JOOB CDs

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    Re: Substitute BWG with Hemi Sync Journeys Out Of Body

    There are four CDs. Conditions A to D. Each one takes you to a deeper trance- probably Alpha, high theta, deep theta and theta-Delta. Use them in order. When doing relaxing, stretching and energy work start with condition A, go to condition B when you start trance practice, and use condition C when you start with exit training and condition D when you have put together a routine to follow and want to get deep enough without interference to do your exit routine.

    Be careful with copyright infringement if you're going to use hemi sync in what you make. They belong to the Monroe Institute and I don't think they'd be ok with you ripping parts of their work to put in your program. However, I don't mind you directing traffic to my channel if you choose to use the mind taming techniques.
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