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Thread: Total rejuvenation - eternal youth state

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    Re: Total rejuvenation - eternal youth state

    Being in accord to time is ecstasy itself.
    The only "state" (contrasted with "process") I would surmise, is the state of mind that knows this.

    The secret? Being with one's own processes until the state of mind emerges to AWAKEN... A natural function: self -> consciousness by means of the derived ego.

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    Re: Total rejuvenation - eternal youth state

    The term "process" suggests that there is no time: e.g. there is no certain state in time. All changes (just like the ancient taoist philosophy and I-Ching suggests). This means that there is a deliberate, constant, firm decision needed to maitnatin certain "state" (as we percieve it) in order to take place - which in fact is a process of ongoing, repeated will to keep this "state". Because it is repeated will, it seems like it was static - seemingly always the same, but it is not, it changes and it is a dynamic process, just like quantum physics describe a table being re-created on and on by particles moving through it with a striking big speed.

    In this sense, everything, like sun or the whole universe is kept because of will. It is not a state, as classical physics or material world tells us - it is an illusion.

    Connecting directly with something we could call our higher will allows to reach that point of creation. Acting from this high point of will helps us to exceed the limitations of time and space and go directly to the creation process (not a state). I think here lays a key to the total rejuvenation after all: reaching the point of on-going creation, a "state" - being a result of a process - maintain thanks to the will.

    At this moment I am researching qabbalah in order to combine this information with the manifestation (creation) process indicated by the qabbalah tree.

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    Re: Total rejuvenation - eternal youth state

    In the future - if the worst (apocalyptic) scenario is not going to take place on the Earth - people are going to live longer and longer. This is partly because of bigger interest and care about health. This time already started (we live in these curious, pioneer times). Possibly some people and species would have to leave the planet, as I heard... Anyway, the talk about required frequency makes sense to me, and this probably explains why the governments try to keep the lower frequency as much as possible. Like with use of the recent Australia events.

    I think it is important to know what causes the body cells to integrate, and what makes them desintegrating. DNA strands are actually in the core of this life-death (sustainance-enthropy) duality process when the Earth-based biological forms are considered. DNA is like a program (yin) to our cells; energy (yang) is like fuel to our cells. This means that we have 2 factors at hand to deal with: to provide proper, high, cleanse energy to cells ("cleanse" is quite a relative term - there is a criterion under which something is cleanse or not; in terms of human energy it is a difference between core frequency / spirit and the actual - temporal - frequency of one's energy); and to re-program DNA. Reprogramming DNA is not difficult, as it may sound. It just takes applying your high consciousness (spirit) with help of the body. Body is prepared for this process, as it has the "gates" to the other dimensions - glands - which in turn may modify the body - and they do, all the time. The difference between automatic and deliberate influence on DNA / body is that we need to set such an intent. The biggest guiding, directing gland is pineal gland, the higher tan t'ien, 3rd eye, providing the spirit (shen) energy into the aura and body. Doing that is like learning riding on a bike, or anything - step by step it becomes more natural and obvious, to the extent that you would start to think how come that you didn't do this before. Rejuvenating body is just a process - the energetic one. Masses don't observe it (although some unconsciously are in this process and benefit from it), because they are energy-blind, as they were taught to be so. But the laws of the universe work regardless if one is eager to admit their existence, or not. Taking advantage of lack of ignorance leads to a better quality lives, which is a natural way for humanity - as they won't have to have so many short incarnations, re-learning the same things in each life-time, and achieving much more within a single life-time.

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