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Thread: Total rejuvenation - eternal youth state

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    Re: Total rejuvenation - eternal youth state

    Yeah, this is where I completely agree. Artificial peolongating of life makes no sense at all. Life comes from spirit, a cell or body is just a tool.

    I am wondering about this global resources issue, which some economists like one who wrote a book on the subject and was an advisor to one of USA presidents says that technology is the key to eliminating this problem.

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    Re: Total rejuvenation - eternal youth state

    Quote Originally Posted by Antares View Post
    we die due to insufficient level (degree) of consciousness (spiritual infusion). Until we learn to sustain life, we are like animals: not conscious enough to shape our lives consciously, which leads to so-called enthropy (decay of life-sustaining energies).
    From my practical observations, there are multiple ways for spirit (actually, the spirit connection in fact) to be stronger. It takes into account the body as well - whether we want it or not. However, most important is still the mind.

    What strengthens (weakens) the spirit connection then?

    1. Environment and space (vs. overcrowded place)
    2. Air (vs. polution)
    3. Cold wind (vs. hot climate)
    4. Calmness (vs. mental chaos)
    5. A constant intent to "go" higher (vs. letting thoughts to wander randomly)
    6. Diet (e.g. when eating less sugar, salt, proteins - also from plants - etc. I noticed the body to react better to the "spiritual influences")
    7. Star influence: I mean direct resonating which can be felt mostly, yet astrological influences also apparently have their role (vs. closed spaces, nature isolation)
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    Re: Total rejuvenation - eternal youth state

    I recently read a book written by an energy healer. She has also other powers than healing.

    She said that her skills have sometimes surprising effect. For this topic, it will be interesting that when she did astral journey (I guess it's the same as OBE...), she went somewhere very far - somewhere she wasn't allowed to go to. When she finished this meditation, she was in shock: most of her hair got gray!

    I wonder, how come? Why this could happen? Are such "spiritual" excercises dangerous, that they affect body, quickening aging, or something? How one is related to the other?
    In another book I read that some spirtual excercises, related to pineal, are responsbile for rejuvenation and youth state...

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    Re: Total rejuvenation - eternal youth state

    Does she have before and after pictures?
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: Total rejuvenation - eternal youth state

    Quote Originally Posted by CFTraveler View Post
    Does she have before and after pictures?
    I think she has not, she is now actually old, and in those times when she was young (which happened to her then) taking pictures wasn't that often, not mentioning that it was not expected. Do you think she's not telling truth?

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    Re: Total rejuvenation - eternal youth state

    Have you ever read "The Holographic Universe" by Michael Talbot? You might enjoy it. A similar book that comes to mind is "Autobiography of a Yogi".

    Both books seem to have in common that they do question the idea of a Universe as we in the West understand it and give glimpses into a Universe that interacts with consciousness all the time, and is more malleable than we can usually imagine - and I'm including myself there.

    Personally I don't feel particularly "married" to the human form in that it precludes so many other experiences which I hope are possible. And I don't think it is needed to be in incarnated form to have these experiences - that it is just one experience among many. Maybe an enlightened being would feel different about this matter but right now I would rather improve the quality of the experience I have here on Earth and the positive impact I might bring than necessarily prolong the whole thing.

    I agree that the quality of one's thoughts, one's emotions, one's beliefs, one's environment can shorten or prolong life, no disagreement there. If I had to chose between a longer and a better-lived life, however, I would opt for the latter.

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    Re: Total rejuvenation - eternal youth state

    Quote Originally Posted by Korpo View Post
    If I had to chose between a longer and a better-lived life, however, I would opt for the latter.
    What does mean better-lived? Have you chosen a better-lived life? Or live in fact like all other people (see below, where I write about 2 scenarios).

    (I think it's quite subjective. Taoism is in large part about prolongating lives. A taoist consider a life to be better-lived when all the "requirements" are met - and these lead to health, rejuvenation, keeping energy through whole life, keeping balance and so on - the opposite is considered to be a not-well-lived life).

    This is the point I can see in the society. The biggest fear in the society is about death (aging). When you talk with people about their life choices and where they came from, you quickly realize the bottom line: they are in the constant fear of "not enough".

    Believing that there is not enough time is probably the biggest challange for people. It chokes their choices, and their lives. So they waste their lives because of having this limiting perspective.
    When the fear rules our choices, life is not going to be better-lived. It's going to be an array of of restricting life choices - restricted of course by the circumstances in which we live in, or rather people believe in.

    To realize that problem fully, compare two scenarios:

    SCENARIO 1 - a person live just like others
    Even few or ten years is a lot for you. Twenty years seems to be a veeeery long time. Thirty years is almost like whole life to people (and in fact it is).
    You need money quickly. (mortgage, car, and lots of other stuff).
    You need carrier quickly. (money)
    You need to marry another quickly. (aging)
    ...and many others "quickly"-notion driven needs. Otherwise, if you won't hurry, you won't have X in order to have Y.

    This is the conclusion that I have when talking with people about why they chose this or that in their lives. I can see those choices everyday in the eyes of people.
    They give up their dreams, because they are aging.
    Is this a better-lived life?

    My objective view is that 20 years is really a short time-span, if you think it through.

    SCENARIO 2 - the person is free from this restriction - so he or she doesn't need to worry about aging
    You don't need money quickly. (you have a time)
    You don't need any carrier. (you have a time for earning enough money)
    You don't have any pressure to marry anyone fast. (no need to worry about aging)
    You have enough time for preparing yourself for anything you want.
    You may live up to your dreams - because there's no this "stick" above you which exerts the pressure on you
    (This is how this world has been designed - and if you asked me, it was designed deliberately.)

    See the point?

    This one shift in perspective results in a total revolution in thinking... that's why I'm vividly interested in this subject.

    People typically have subconscious aversion to this. Like to many other things their subconsciousness are accustomed to be so true that they deny anything what could be in conflict with their deeply rooted believes.
    The inspiration from the practical achievements is needed for those "few" who go beyond the current paradigms and limitations.

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    Re: Total rejuvenation - eternal youth state

    I personally honour that the human life span of 30 years is the law... love's. I am 37, but I have conquered myself...

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    Re: Total rejuvenation - eternal youth state

    Quote Originally Posted by olyris View Post
    I personally honour that the human life span of 30 years is the law...
    It's not... it depends. Generally, the human life span should be above 100 years, some say 150-200 or so, it has been even proved. People don't live that long because of illnesses, which also cause aging (and illnesses have more to do with psychology than modern medicine is eager to admit). The definition of illness is not accurate, I think.
    However, it depends - because the DNA / cellural matrix and all the parts of the body can work better than just relying on the "yin" quality (i.e. on the typical material life processes, as it is present in animals). This is possible thanks to the fusion between the spirit (yang) and the material blueprint DNA (yin). Then the rules (law) changes drammatically - because of the hightened frequencies down to the cellural and atomic levels of all the cells in your body provided by the yang quality. It's like "different" laws applying to classical physics and quantum physics. Hightened frequencies, when present in the body and aura, cause different reaction to the "time" flow (as we still call it; of course after all there is no such thing as time, but we perceive it this way; in the end there is only energy creating the time-space, including concentrated energy in the form of neutrons, protons and electrons, i.e. matter, which in turn create the physical body of course). So after all it's all about mind - reacting / preserving / resistitng to frequencies, which then are attracted or not attracted to the physical body (energy in your aura and body changes on a constant basis; energy in cells can flow quicker when the vibrations are quickened)... This is what was the alchemy about, and my guess is that it has a lot to do with how the ancient Egyptians described the life processes and in particular the primary life-giver - Ra, the sender of the rays of life energy into the Earth.
    (The ancient Egyptians were obsessed in becoming "Ra", particularly pharaoh and priests. This shines new light on the term "gods" the modern archeologists gave to this phenomena or concept of those "beings" present in the ancient mythologies. In short, the journey of Ra in its daily travel might be analogy to how life is preserved. So it's not a story, it's rather a practical alchemy, the description of the technical side of the energies involved in preserving existence on perhaps various levels - not just a physical level; and how consciousness relates to it, being an inherent part of it, not being something seperated from life...).
    Consciousness of life energies leads to preserving / mastering alchemy of life within. This is my current view in the subject.
    We should possibly introduce a "new" science: on the rules dealing with energies. Hindu mythology says about it: the 3 fundamental principles of initating, preserving and destroying the energy. This would be probably more helpful in treating both diseases and restoring life processes and balance within than physical medicine does.

    Quote Originally Posted by olyris View Post
    I am 37, but I have conquered myself...
    What does mean to conquer oneself?
    You sounded more mature than (most people having) 37, I always thought I probably sound immature I guess - though I never cared about being mature.
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    Re: Total rejuvenation - eternal youth state

    I go on the theory that Jesus lived the immaculate life and went down due to "old age," hehe. His soul turned itself into a glory in heaven instead. So it goes... During Shakespeare's time? Someone in England, 30 was about the real age too. To conquer oneself is to remove the ego's frustrations about sex - through meditation and other practices, turning "off" the fun that supposes death while leaving "open" the possibility of fun that supposes glory. Getting rid of the bad love in favour of the good.

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