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Thread: Total rejuvenation - eternal youth state

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    Re: Total rejuvenation - eternal youth state

    Mantak Chia suggests that it is (lack of proper flow and not enough of) energy which is responsible for aging, e.g. in the "Awaken healing energy through the tao":

    As we age, the energy routes which bring vital power to our internal organs and enable them to function become progressively more blocked by physical and mental tension. The result is general fatigue, weakness, and poor health. A young person usually has sufficient level of energy to keep the routes less obstracted so that the power still flows. The organs are thus nourished, and there is little sickness. But if we do not live healthily and practice to keep the routes open, they will gradually close and cause emotional imbalances, premature sickness and old age.
    From my point of view, energy is not the cause, but the symptom of aging, just like the whole body and its cells are gradually get more and more degenerated. This means that there must be a real cause for the life force, and energy, flowing is just the effect - IMHO it is related to higher levels, not just to the etheric level which is used by Mantak for the etheric energy (called chi in his books) in his practices to be circulated by meridians.

    Always check with your inner self if anything sounds true to you

    note that the inner self is beyond the intellect with which you identify

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    Re: Total rejuvenation - eternal youth state

    This author claims to have (and shared in her books) invaluable information about Atlantis. This excerpt from her website is about the rejuvenation. I'm not sure if I can quote it entirely, so I just put a link with a small quote, but essential, below.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shirley Andrews
    Edgar Cayce tells us that the ingenious Atlanteans used crystals to burn destructive forces from the body in a way that encouraged it to rejuvenate itself. (Reading 440-5.) In The Romance of Atlantis Taylor Caldwell describes a secret rejuvenation chamber in a temple in the City of Golden Gates where this procedure was successfully accomplished. ... While in the chamber, the patient reclined in a comfortable chair, and technicians precisely focused the sunís rays through a crystal onto the elderly body. Simultaneously, the healers produced and magnified varied frequencies of sound, whose energy regenerated the tiny molecules of each cell, reactivating aging tissues. The operation restored the personís hormone balance, wrinkles disappeared, and energy returned. Skill and caution were important, since if the crystal was tuned too high it destroyed the body. One visit was usually adequate
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    Always check with your inner self if anything sounds true to you

    note that the inner self is beyond the intellect with which you identify

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    Re: Total rejuvenation - eternal youth state

    Ok, recent research and discoveries in the subject led me to the question:

    if everything is light (energy), including matter, then why we do not draw any conclusions about this fact?

    After reading about the breaking results of scientific research in DNA - like the matrix of DNA being a persistant field of non-material nature (confirmed in an experiment with photons reacting clearly to this field - even after removing the DNA itself) - and easily reacting with / toward light particles (photons), I came to the conclusion that DNA is more like a brain of a cell, a transmitter of energy (light), maybe even thoughts (not sure), and then - if to believe this scientific research, we may say that

    * the predominant role of DNA is COMMUNICATION (between levels of existence, as well as within one level of existence, i.e. the physical level)

    * and that DNA does not exist just on a physical level in a sense

    * and that DNA's energy is much more persistent in terms of endurance than any typical molecule - i.e. "something" keeps its matrix on the energetic level, whatever this something could be

    This fact alone makes things totally different than we used to think, if we re-consider everything from such perspective. Because this confirms that whatever deals with light or energy (possibly our moods and thoughts), affect DNA itself. In other words, any energy (or whatever that has energetic nature) that we are dealing with, has an impact on the code for the physical body.

    (This makes me start wondering about the old legends of the physical transformation of old sorcerers, particularly into animals).

    If so, then this could be the secret of life: the geometry of molecules involved in the DNA is an effect of an energetic communication, possibly deliberate, although not sure if concious - at all. And changing DNA is possible from the purely energetic level, like using for this purpose the Sun's light, or any other light. (Take into account that plants grow also when exposed to the artificial light but the result is that it seems either to change their DNA, or activates only parts of it - either way, it again confirms DNA being affected by light, this time apparently very directly in a well known in science process of photosynthesis).

    But this is of course just a portion of things to reconsider; take for example the esoteric alchemical processes or the qabbalistic theories when considering them from the perspective of the idea of light affecting the molucules. Again, the research is continued.

    Edit: I found some interesting website and further explanation, basically touching the subject of 12 (vs. 2) strands of DNA, 10 of which being not physical

    Here's a quote from the website confirming my above mentioned intuitive conclusion about the "communication" ("transmitting"), it also adds that not only light but also sound affects DNA:
    Pioneering research by the likes of Dr Peter Gariaev and others, has led us to understand that DNA utilises sound and light to both store information and transmit messages/information. It can translate sound into light and vice versa.
    So, here is my theory how actually DNA works with light, and what does it mean "encoding information". I'm more and more convinced that the ancients must have had some knowledge about it, not sure if about DNA itself, but about the general mechanism around it. I'd use simple general archetypes here to keep the explanation simple, starting with the general division of the universe into the dualistic division of the primordial elements: light (yang, energy in physics) and dark (yin, matter in physics).

    Light is represented by particularly the property of frequency. There is possibly infinite number of frequencies available. Light is not just visible light, as the sun rays for instance; it is energy in general.

    Matter, on the other hand, might be somewhat limited in their properties: matter at the atom level is one of about 100+ elements from the Mendeleev's periodic table. Electrons in each atom defines how the particle of matter interacts with energy (light). More atoms connected together constitute a molecule.

    In the esoteric fields, light is known as the "transmitter" (creative force - because it 'creates' what happens afterwards), and matter is the "receiver" (receptive force - it is the element that absorbs the energy). Of course, this is also observed in physics.

    The frequency of light interacting with matter (molecules) determines how matter can be affected. If the light's frequencies are limited (as with the artificial light), the effect upon the molecule will also be accordingly limited, of course. Altering the light's frequencies alters its effect upon matter.

    A stream of light as such is therefore an encoded information possible to be received by the matter.

    Now, returning to the DNA, there are 2 parts of the equation in the interaction between light and DNA:
    - light or energy itself, being the frequency that "generates" the potential outcome (same as in astrology, which says about an energetic potential, but does not determine anything) - it is rather a "field of possibilities" possible to become an outcome; restricting or filtering light of course limits the number of possible ultimate results
    - matter / molecule: changing the DNA molecules (directly or indirectly, e.g. through the genetic engineering, nano technology, food, pharmaceutics, vaccines etc.) changes the "receiver" of the potential frequencies that may interact with it - so such intervention may change or limit how for the light it is actually possibleto interact with this particular molecule (DNA)

    The topic is really vast, and I've read also about possible interaction of the Earth's magnetic field with DNA - and possibly it is also true.
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    Always check with your inner self if anything sounds true to you

    note that the inner self is beyond the intellect with which you identify

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