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Thread: Day 30: Help me to remember

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    Day 30: Help me to remember

    Hi All,

    I am on Day 30 ... trance work for me is pretty easy, I have been lucky to be able to achieve this state naturally and it is usually accompanied by obe exit sypmtoms. I am however having the following problem:

    Many of the obes I have remembered from childhood and the last 6 months are the highly emotive ones and in my case thes have always had the emotion of fear in them. It seems that I am well on my way to gaining control over fully conscious obes and I have undoubtedly got the MAP 90 day guide to thank. But now when I achieve a state where I know that an obe is going to happen, I get a combination of slightly scared and bored, and I usually choose to fall asleep.

    Can someone please remind me of their personal reasons as to why we all are driven towards seeking this experience that we call an obe?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Well, the challenge to control something that was scaring me is what got me motivated. Scary things were happening to me. I learned control, was able to look them in the face (literally), and two things happened:
    I was able to consciously project, and
    The scary things weren't scary any more.

    The unknown is a scary thing. Facing your fears defeats them. (Within reason).
    Do you know what you're scared of? Make a list. Imagine being faced, quite literally with whatever scares you. Then, turn that fear into anger, and turn it into energy. Then go for it.
    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: Help me to remember

    Good question, as it is important to keep your purpose in mind. It is what will cause you to act, when you feel like stopping, what will keep you keeping walking when the path gets rocky.

    My reasons for pusuing conscious astral projection, is one of gaining a tool. A tool for exploration of the world around me, and of self exploration. In doing this work and these techniques, we have to gain control and understanding of ourselves. Part of this, is letting go of the things which hold us back, such as fear. We have to learn to be persistant in our efforts to project, as well as becoming consitent in our daily work. This changes our viewpoints on ourselves and the world around us, and truly opens us up to new ideas, awarenesses, and abilities.

    I have done alot of dream work in the past, and have found incredible similarities between working in my dreams, and working on the astral. It's almost like the same muscles are used, only in one case I am going inside, and in the other I am going outside. At least, that's the feeling.

    I hope to be able to use my astral abilities to heal, seek guidance, gain valuable lessons, and work to purify myself and seek to master myself. Our astral senses extend well beyond when we are in a full projection. They are a completely seperate set of senses with which to perceive with. They develop as we develop. I feel there is no seperation between learning to be effective and working on the astral, and the work we do in the physical. One will enhance the other, and both can be used as extensions of our will, in order to achieve our goals and our purpose.

    Do not give in to fear, as it's product is failure, and it's counter comes through persistence and knowledge. Do not give in to boredom, it results from not pushing your limits, and it's counter is breathing new life into what you do.

    Good luck, and continue your work.

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