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    Wrapping Action


    Quick question, I noticed that the base chakra and the crown chackra dont have a wrapping action like we can do with the rest of the chackras. I feel after i do the left to right brushing action, stirring, split, ball bounce that it activates and opens the chackras and the final action the wrapping actions covers protects and secures them and after doing all those actions on base and chackra but i cant do wrapping action to base and crown so i feel i leave them open. I noticed that outside influences negative spirits people etc csn gain access to you even i do defense tactics to keep them from doing so but is there a way to close them or cover them like i do with other chakras with wrapping action

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    Re: Wrapping Action

    If you want to wrap it, you can. It just seems 'uncomfortable' to do it, in my opinion.
    BTW, Robert wrote a whole thing about why chakras are stimulated or not stimulated, not 'opened' or 'closed', because they are not doors. But I realize that western interpretation of vedic terminology has created a thoughtform about chakras as portals, so you are free to 'cover it up' if it makes you feel protected.
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    Re: Wrapping Action

    Hi HM,

    When I do my base wrapping it is internal hitting the tertiary energy centers as I go around. It is a good stimulation exercise if you care to use it and it doesn't over excite the sexual organ center.
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