I just finished reading "Practical Psychic Self Defense". I had this book lying around for many years but never felt a need to read it until now, as I recently came to the understanding I have been attacked/influenced/possessed (I donīt know which one). It appears I have had non-physical/astral/spiritual implants/objects attached to me. For how long I donīt know, the good thing is they are removed now (not by me, I donīt have the ability to see/perceive these things, but luckily I had some help).

What I had was two nails on top of my crown chakra, and one nail on top of my neck. These were non-physical/spiritual nails put in place by negative spirits (I can elaborate if need be, there is no doubt in my mind that these nails were indeed there, there were also many other aspects involved to this story, but I am trying to make the story short).

Do you have any experience/knowledge with regards to implants/non-physical objects? I seem to recall from Astral Dynamics which I read many years ago that you yourself got inflicted with a negative object during out of body travel, and that this caused you trouble. I didnīt find much info related to "implants" in your practical psychic self defense book tough, hence my question.