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Thread: Beyond magic

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    Beyond magic

    Due to my understanding, there is a regular magic (including "low" magic), and higher magic.

    Regular magic is concerned with achieving certain goals, like making a relationship or having a lucky journey. The goals are simple, defined and restricted. This magic could be also called goal-oriented, or exclusive (excluding anything that is not in our interest related to the goal).

    Higher magic is concerned with qualities. In this sense, it is inclusive, or expansion-oriented magic type. Typical usage of this magic was by the priests in ancient Egypt, where one calls upon deities - or rather, universal powers - such as Thoth, or inspiration.

    My view is that this is not the end of the story: the next step after any kind of magic, high included, is the creation - the real creative power. It's always tightly related with imagination. Imagination is the beginning area (and the ultimate area at the same time) to discover and recognize your own inner power to deal with the universe.

    The creation requires higher energy centers to be active, as they are responsible for providing one with the related qualities (rather than energies, which are always secondary to the quality).

    I use regular (low) magic when my ability to get higher is limited. I use higher magic when I see a broader picture. When my higher energy centers are working at their best, I move to creation. Creation is not goal-oriened, as magic is; it's getting into the "shoes" of a "life creator", seeing the whole picture / scenery like from up, being actually impersonalized from the whole thing. Imagination attracts you to the pictures you want (desire) to see, but not always are conscious of - depending on how much spirit energy you gathered.

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    Re: Beyond magic

    I never really liked the concept of ritual and stuff in magic. I always thought if you wanted to manifest something, all you need is your will alone.

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    Re: Beyond magic

    There is something beyond 'magic' which does not rely on energy or intent. It is the direct expression of the soul/spirit/inner-divine. This is based on the idea that most humans are in fact souls having a human incarnation. As such the soul expresses itself in to the physical realm through a creative 'force'. If one gets in touch with their inner divine, one can access this 'force' and create things directly. This type of expression is the basis for miracles (no religious connotation intended).
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