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Thread: MAP : Slithering (energy) snakes up though my wrists

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    MAP : Slithering (energy) snakes up though my wrists


    Started MAP two weeks ago. Something weird happened.

    I was stimulating my fingers and palms.
    Was also visualizing the energy flowing up my arms in a straight flowing motion, but very slow as if it was resisting to flow faster.

    Suddenly the energy started making s-shaped movements and a sudden rush of movement went up through the wrists much faster than the straight movement. i had no control. then it subsided. couldn't do it again.

    Any idea on what might of happened?

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    I don't know if this has anything to do with what you felt, but- when I was starting out, the first or second time I started to do sponging of my legs and arms, while listening to the BWGen, and my legs and arms would do these little twitches (not visible, but I could feel it) on it. It happened for the next few weeks and then it stopped. I never thought there was anything weird about it, I just figured (guessed) that the binaural beats were making areas of my brain resonate and send impulses to my muscles or nerves, as they happened. After a bit it stopped, I figured that my brain got used to it.
    Were you listening to the BWGen when it happened?
    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    whysper Guest
    Yes I was.

    I also find these days that onmy chest where the heart chakra is located but more to the left, it starts vibrating. I always think I just received a text message with my cellphone. When i try and get my cell phone out my pocket, there's nothing there.

    But tanks for the reply.
    Good luck with the MAP.

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