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Thread: Real healing - what is it

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    Real healing - what is it

    Modern medicine, focusing on the physical body, has actually nothing to do with the healing. It is all about the treatment - and it is a very different thing.

    Healing simply means restoring the (multi-level) balance, the connection to your deeper self. The reason why it is not widely known and accepted is the fact that the knowledge on who actually is human being is not commonly recognized yet. Treating a human as a purely physical mechanism results in the medical treatment applied onto and restricted to only physical part.

    What is the physical body - actually the end-effect of the wider process of our creation. (So putting it simple, we create our bodies).

    Being deeply aligned with who we are allows energy to flow down to energetic and physical bodies undisturbed. Restoring this balanced state of alignment is healing. You can feel whether you are restoring your natural state (called "health" in todays language), or you are in the opposite direction: bringing issues to your psyche, aura, energy and physical body. Physical treatment won't restore your energy and alignment, in short. It'd only fool you that you (temporarily) defeated an illness, "hiding away" or minimalizing (if possible) the physical symptoms.

    Healing means therefore returning to your true self. It brings calmness of mind, positive attitude, creative ideas, openness, control and excitement to living. This way any, even incurable illness, can be diminished to the total removal.
    Treatment means therefore increasing your true issues, by getting you away from your true self by temporary removing the symptoms. It brings anxiety, uncertainity, not positive feelings, lack of clarity, lack of sense of direction and purpsoe, no control etc.

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    Re: Real healing - what is it

    Compare human to a building: you have the most visible layers (elevation), the hidden layers (walls), and deeply rooted layers (fundamentals).

    How treatment may work in this complex system?

    On the lowest level, pharmaucetics may work: but they nothing more like an improvement to the elevation only.

    If the walls are breaking, elevation improvements may only hide the actual cause for the disease: psychological pitfalls that are somewhere flawed and wait for taking care of them. You do this with the power of consciousness.

    But if there is not enough consciousness to improve the walls, the fundamentals on much deeper level need to be examined. It's the spirit connection - the root for whole personality and mind. You do this not by dealing with the personality and known mental side directly, but by getting into deeper states where you can examine your normal personality from that level.

    Then one thought and improvement may cause a change which would ultimately heal the whole building from the bottom to the top, from the deepest to the most external side. Then a change in elevation becomes so easy that it has not to be constantly take care of by make ups of any kind. This simple perspective, if realized fully, may cause a revolution in today's thinking.

    In this way, healing becomes an exploration and unfolding journey, not a struggle or a burden.

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    Re: Real healing - what is it

    With the recent 12 months or so I made a surprising breakthrough in healing.

    Looking back, I may say what are the essential things on healing... Well, I was then reading, among others, Edgar Cayce's books on healing, and the truths inherent there turned out to be very helpful. Of much help were also the ideas inherent in TCM and Ayurveda: details on doshas and keeping balance.

    The most important idea is that the mind creates reality.
    The most important single element is energy.
    And the most important physical aid is experimenting with different foods. Do not take "artificial" foods - even if it is cheap, it comes not without a huge cost for yourself, your energy, your mind, and of course your health.

    Creating reality includes the body. I.e. you may not believe it, but your body is less what you eat, and more what you think. When you do not think so, your body is a result of "not thinking so".

    Health, and illness, is just a concept. In my humble opinion, and an incorrect one: it takes you away from what is really going on. "Illness" is nothing but concept - the idea of the mind. Changing your mind changes your reality (your body, your energy system, your psyche, and so on).

    I know that sounds abstract for some. This is because they live out of reality - people are taught to live in their intellectual fields, very small and restricted areas of their full mental potential.

    Increasing intuitive sides of the mind, sensing energy, looking out for natural sites, these all lead to the breakthrough that I am talking about.

    All organs can be healed and improved. They require energy (qi, prana). Energy requires proper thoughts. Building an aura (called Ka by the ancient Egyptians) is the way to create a strong bridge between your mind and your body. With strong qi, you have a strong basis for doing anything in the world of energy - i.e. creating reality, including re-creating and re-generating your body.

    Other essential tips for healing:
    - energy building and vibrations control
    - thoughts directing
    - spirit focus
    - sleeping
    - water
    - diet
    - exercise
    - frequent natural environment visitations (1h at least)

    I particularly take green tea typically once or twice a day which is good for cleansing. If possible, I try to eat breakfast late.

    To generalize, natural healing can be summarized as dealing with 5 elements:
    Earth (quality foods)
    Water (proper fluids)
    Air (quality oxygen)
    Fire (proper tempture)
    Aether (energy, mind and spirit care)

    As you might noticed, there are no any medicaments included on the list. They may help in some cases, however they are not essential. According to my view and expierence, the essentials are enlisted above. Edgar Cayce recommended not to rely on them too much, as the organism should restore its own healing modalities.
    Reclaim your right to astral dimension

    and question everything

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    Re: Real healing - what is it

    Yesterday I've bought a new interesting book on Ayurveda. The author, Indian woman Acharya Shunya, states that the most important factor in healing is life style. She even do not use herbs for healing! I must say that I came gradually for recent months to the similar conclusion. Changing your life style means changing your thoughts, and changing your thoughts means changing your perspective and convictions on reality (from the daily small things to the most fundamental ones), and changing them transforms your creation and alters your future, including the condition of your body and psyche.
    Reclaim your right to astral dimension

    and question everything

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    Re: Real healing - what is it

    It is all about behaviour in the field and study of healing, and basically, what you love doing you will do, and what you must do in the meantime, is energise yourself.

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