Modern medicine, focusing on the physical body, has actually nothing to do with the healing. It is all about the treatment - and it is a very different thing.

Healing simply means restoring the (multi-level) balance, the connection to your deeper self. The reason why it is not widely known and accepted is the fact that the knowledge on who actually is human being is not commonly recognized yet. Treating a human as a purely physical mechanism results in the medical treatment applied onto and restricted to only physical part.

What is the physical body - actually the end-effect of the wider process of our creation. (So putting it simple, we create our bodies).

Being deeply aligned with who we are allows energy to flow down to energetic and physical bodies undisturbed. Restoring this balanced state of alignment is healing. You can feel whether you are restoring your natural state (called "health" in todays language), or you are in the opposite direction: bringing issues to your psyche, aura, energy and physical body. Physical treatment won't restore your energy and alignment, in short. It'd only fool you that you (temporarily) defeated an illness, "hiding away" or minimalizing (if possible) the physical symptoms.

Healing means therefore returning to your true self. It brings calmness of mind, positive attitude, creative ideas, openness, control and excitement to living. This way any, even incurable illness, can be diminished to the total removal.
Treatment means therefore increasing your true issues, by getting you away from your true self by temporary removing the symptoms. It brings anxiety, uncertainity, not positive feelings, lack of clarity, lack of sense of direction and purpsoe, no control etc.