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Thread: Get Rid Of Surface Thought

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    Kiefer Guest

    Get Rid Of Surface Thought

    I prefer to precise, I never had astral projections.
    When you meditate, how do you get rid surface thought ? Is it just practice and practice ? or is there another better solution ?

    Of course, I need to practice but maybe you have a method to clear your mind quick. (I'm using breath work)

    What is your position to meditate (I usually sit down) ?

    Do you think Hemi-sync is really useless or not ?

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    Get rid of Surface Thought

    Kiefer wrote:
    When you meditate, how do you get rid surface thought ? Is it just practice and practice ? or is there another better solution ?

    Of course, I need to practice but maybe you have a method to clear your mind quick. (I'm using breath work)

    What is your position to meditate (I usually sit down) ?
    Dear Kiefer: There are a variety of technques to get rid of surface thought. Here are a few of the ones I use:
    Breathwork is good, also energy work.
    Visualizing an empty space in front of your eyes (with them closed- Try to "see" the space take on a color (pink is easy at first, since everything looks pinkish anyway). Then try to change the color to yellow. When it changes (and it will) try another color like purple. You can do this for a while and before it you're in a good state. Something else that I do (and surprisingly, is what works best for me) is just sitting in the lotus position and "being" in the center of the universe. Just "be", (eyes closed). Start by visualizing yourself in the center of your room, then expand to the center of your neighborhood, and then earth, then the universe. Visualize the universe as an expanding balloon, and yourself in the surface- (wherever you are you're in the center, and once you get that visualization, then stop visualizing and just feel yourself being. Try to hold the feeling as long as you can.
    There are hundreds of types of meditation (and if you have MAP you'll see a few of them) but the simplest ones are the ones that work best for me. Happy meditating!
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Kiefer Guest
    Thanks for your advice.
    I will practice your techniques.

    Do you meditate a long time ? How many time a day or a week ?

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    Matt Guest
    From ... jsp?t=3593

    Here's what worked for me: I would try to silence my mind then count as far as I could go. If I had an audible thought while counting I would start over.

    I first practiced holding my mind silent for a count of 2, then after a week or two to about 5, then eventually to 10 then 30. I'd do that two or three times a day, such as at a stop light or in the shower.

    After that the chatter was gone and it would be somewhat difficult to bring it back.

    It only takes about two months to develop a perpetually silent mind, it's not nearly as hard as people say. It's far harder to learn a second language than it is to silent your mind.

    Someone asked about whether silencing the mind will reduce your ability to think.

    It's been the opposite for me, by cutting out the chatter it's a lot easier to think clearly. There is no need to think your thoughts in words, when I speak and type I don't hear the words any more. The ideas just come which makes thinking more efficient.

    I think true inspiration doesn't come from analyzing things, but by studying something, asking the right questions, and then putting yourself in a state where you can just grok the answer as a complete unit out of your subconscious. Silencing the conscious mind's chatter smoothes that process out quite a lot.

    I need to clarify that even though the mind becomes silent, you continue to think. It's just that the thoughts do not have an 'audible' form. Your imagination and everything continues to operate, the only difference is that there is no longer a real need to have a constant audible commentary on it all.

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    Kiefer Guest
    Thanks, I will try this exercice too

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    nparker Guest

    Re: Get Rid Of Surface Thought

    Hi Kiefer...
    Surface thought control and physical relaxation status are closely related aspects. One cannot be succeed without another. Of course, it all requires practice and development of CONCENTRATION powers. There aren't magical and effortless solutions. Breath work is, of couse, a effective way to achieve thought rid.

    It is demonstrated that there are a close relation between NEW and lotus position endurance. Lotus position is very hard of to do since the viewpoint of mean western citizen.

    Understanding about usefulness of Hemi-Sync can be improved through getting a deep insight about its scientific basis. Scientific basis is only a sequel of worldwide verification. Such a insight leads to the necessary belief system development in order to assure its effectiveness. Otherwise, inner doubt about its effectiveness of sure undermine it.

    Natalia Parker

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    Kiefer Guest
    Thanks nparker for your information.
    Could you tell me how many time do you meditate a day ? Because sometimes it's hard to find the time to practice this activity.

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    unison Guest

    I like this topic

    I like this topic. This is something I have had such a hard time with making an opinion on. I have thought that in the past that if you just let your mind wander just try and catch the moment before you fall asleep and maintain awareness. That had some success but little. Ive tried silencing it by controling my thoughts.. I had the same success as the method before. I have a new opinion but would like some feedback on it and what you guys think. I believe that if you use breathing exercises such as counting in and counting out and just focusing on this until the counting is automatic and you can think of other things at the same time you have completed step one. After that is continuing the breaths and then controlling your thoughts and where your mind goes. I am a firm believer that a positive though creates positive energy around you and can help. So I tell myself I believe and that im am happy and in control. I think of how happy I would be to willfully complete the task. After I have felt that I am happy and full of positive thoughts and energy I focus on an image, ussually energy around my body in all colors forming and growing and beautiful. I try and maintain that image and add things to it while still breathing and thinking controlled positive thoughts.. By now I am breathing perfect and seeing a wonderful visualization with positive thought and happiness flowing through me. I can only wait. Now the tricky part is where to go from there..... Ive fallen asleep and have had very lucid dreams and a interestesting experience that is different from dreaming. Im sorry for the long post but I like to go into details on my thoughts so you can feel everything that I am going through to better understand me. Please provide any comments or helpful suggestions. Thanks

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    Matt Guest

    Re: I like this topic

    Quote Originally Posted by unison
    Now the tricky part is where to go from there.....
    Can you explain more what your question is? Do you mean what should you do in your LD once you realize you're lucid?

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    unison Guest


    Its hard for me to explain. I feel very relaxed and in control at that point. I guess what im trying to say is, am I supposed to think of exiting my body at that point? Do I just wait? Or do I do something after that? I just dont know what to do since ive had no conscious success. If I could just add another step to getting out that would be great cause ive started ground up and gotten this far... Oh and another thing what would anyone suggest about maintaining lucidity cause i will be as lucid as possible and completely in control and then bam im waking up. I just dont understand why I wake up for no reason. Im calm collected and ready for phasing or whatever I can do from that point but I feel something is holding me back.

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