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Thread: Loosing life energy because of loosing spirit - where is the revolution

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    Loosing life energy because of loosing spirit - where is the revolution

    A friend of mine is a very big fan of the depeche mode band. I liked sometimes to listen to the songs of this band in past, but recently I didn't 'cause actually it feels to me overly dark, yet interesting music. It seems like my vibrations don't resonate that much with their message. It seems to not "add" to my energy anything that I'm focused on.

    But yesterday when we met he talked a lot about it, e.g. their latest album, and the singer from that band.

    It really rarely happens to me when I hear others, but what he said in quite a short time span of 1 hour deeply stirred me - because of multiple things, put in together in his talk.

    This unintended insight gave me a general view on many things... and I'm wondering whether some changes are actually badly needed now.

    The depeche mode singer seemed to have a profound messages in his lyrics, particularly in the recent albums. When I read the lyrics from the latest album, I was surprised by the unexpected depth that they had, as I rarely pay attention the songs' lyrics (rather focusing purely on the music), not expecting much from them.

    The songs entitled "Where is the revolution" and "Going backward" instantly drawn my attention, actually I don't know why. I was asking him what the lyrics are about, but he seemed to be not to knowledgable about it. However, when I read it, it's quite obvious what is this about.

    See for instance these lyrics:

    Armed with new technology Going backwards To a caveman mentality ... We have not evolved We have no respect We have lost control
    We have lost our soul
    Who's making your decisions You or your religion Your government, your countries ... Come on people You're letting me down Where's the revolution ... Your rights abused Your views refused They manipulate and threaten ... The train is coming So get on board
    All obvious, except maybe the last line: what train?

    Anyway, watching this band live told me about what they went through - actually, how their thoughts passed by when they were aging. Their music is very dark in sound (to me), and the band's members thoughts are so as well, as the lyrics indicate clearly.

    He told me that the singer released his own solo albums - which were very sad, he said... and when he said it, something stirred me deeply once again during this short time span.
    I recalled many other bands as such, who in previous decades were more optmistic about the future, then anger appeared, then helplesness replaced it, and finally decadence and sadness...

    Is this where we are going to?

    Are we going backwards?

    Should a revolution happen?

    My feeling is that we have missed probably something important, and it has been neglected for a way very long, more than a half of century at least. That the situation and technology have taken away our sight from what really matters.

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    Re: Loosing life energy because of loosing spirit - where is the revolution

    I think we tend to blame our problems on others, and this doesn't stop with politics, we think revolutions are supposed to change things for the better- but no revolution has ever changed anything for the better- because we are who we are, and our physical evolution doesn't depend on changes in mentality.
    A revolution is something that starts out as destruction and ends with reconstruction. It is not a step forward, it is a ride on a cycle, that you hope gets you forward, but it doesn't. It is literally a wheel which at times makes you think you're going backwards and forward.
    Whatever changes we make to make this world a better place has to start with getting to know ourselves- only when we can do this without reducing ourselves to black and white versions of how we think things should be, then maybe we can come up with different ways to do things differently.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: Loosing life energy because of loosing spirit - where is the revolution

    I think there were kind of revolutions in the past. Mentality changed since the medieval or ancient times. Maybe DM band had on mind something you write about: negative "transition time" - and as you wrote, to only find out that nothing essentially changed...

    But what I wrote in the title, is I think the most important point: loosing the spirit (I'm not talking about religion, but about being true to self) is probably the biggest problem nowadays...

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    Re: Loosing life energy because of loosing spirit - where is the revolution

    I have a depeche mode, and can totally figure where you are coming from.

    I think the answer is, God/It chooses Light... fine.
    But there is an answer from the dark, that serves the Light.

    Basically, it looks like darkness's absolution/release/deliverance is in NOT being a dirty rebel. Although people might be made to feel that way...

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