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Thread: The Mad Hatter

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    The Mad Hatter

    A brave man (indeed) et his hat one evening. The mercury ended up in his teeth, however his braces expanded as he continued to eat more and more hat. Mercury went retrograde and he puked up the whole lot. Fancy, he put his new hat on and grinned: "This is what it means to be The Next God."

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    Re: The Mad Hatter


    A handsome guy in a black hat was at the shooting gallery one evening taking a few shots at the target 25m in front of him. Behind him was a dining hall with a many and varied merry faces celebrating together. The man did something unusual - he swung around and fired a pellet at the dart board in the dining area. From then after, they called him Captain Black, because all the blacks in the room liked his mojo.

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    Re: The Mad Hatter

    When it was 40 degrees one summer day, Captain Black decided to head to the beach and find some mojo. He strode around proudly as though he wanted to love everyone - which he always did. He withdrew his special camera from his black backpack and took a snap. Same moment, a helicopter passing overhead took a flash photo. And that is how he came to be a favourite among all young Australians.

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    Re: The Mad Hatter

    Spider Man went out one day and thought he knew the world was round. Now, when Spider Man went forward, he stayed still. Therefore, only Captain Black can save him from the suction factor of 9/11 and the Twin Tower's do know about it. Will the Twin Tower let go, will the Other Twin Tower let go? Only Captain Black has the Justice to speaketh: "Let it go, Holy Father, let it go."

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    Re: The Mad Hatter

    Catain Black was ten pin bowling. In fact, on an unconscious level of mind, he IS ten pin bowling to this very day. As he always does, he saves the world that loves. He scored 10 spares and called it a "ream," meaning that 10 scoresheets could fit into the one. His bro wandered over and informed him that he might like to stick it where the sun don't shine. He sure showed that idiot where to go!

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    Re: The Mad Hatter

    Speckled Eggs

    Once upon a crime, Captain Black was surfacing from his Submarine nearby to France when he noted a curious object out there in the sky. When he looked again, he witnessed a bright object, apparently unknown to itself. He had somehow turned the moon into a brilliant pearly white orb with pink and grey-blue bits in his shielding meditation. Hence he called upon Archangel Michael to call him up to sing in the choir, out in orbit. And that's how he came to be known as the god of a certain "Earl Jameson," the creator of black and white TV. The Speckled Egg had divided into two and known what to do next.

    Earl was a princely fellow in London that eve - he himself looked for the other Speckled Egg in the days and nights that followed, as though haunted by his white towelettes which were left strewn everywhere on the floor. He was a bit of a bum, but also capable of zero gravity lucid healing. So they say - that the original speckled egg spawned into a multiple of stars termed the "Great Nebula," whereby the original peace deal was formed. Out of bilocation is born the most honest word: Ego.

    The moral of the story: Do unto yourself what your bilocation does to you.

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    Buona Pasqua

    Cotton Eggs 2

    Mother Mary was serving Jesus his dinner, one fine Eve, when Mother Mary gasped, "where are the cotton eggs I left downstairs for you?"
    They are with the peace pipe dad gave me, exclaimed a ruthful Lord Jesus.
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    Another idea

    What begins with "n" and ends with "o"? Numero uno.


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