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Thread: Fight Club

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    sublimezg Guest

    Fight Club

    Yea, I'm starting one in Arizona. Sign up today and get a free black eye!

    I'm kidding of course, but something funny occurred to me while I watched

    Fight Club. I've seen the movie somewhere around 5 times I'd guess but I

    hadn't watched it in many years. So about a week ago I popped it in and

    discovered that the movie is basically a guys journey to enlightenment. No,

    really, watch it for yourself. I guess looking back on it I kinda realized it

    before, but today I view it from a completely different state of mind.

    Don't think so? Check out some of the quotes on this website, or better

    yet, watch it!

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    I wouldn't call it a journey toward enlightenment. There is a subtle distinction between becoming enlightened and just going crazy.

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    sublimezg Guest
    I guess it just depends on what you consider insane. If it were up to me to lock up everyone I saw doing things which I considered insane, there would be about 10 or so people left unshackled. War for instance, is insane.

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    Tempestinateapot Guest
    Sign up today and get a free black eye!
    You are so weird! Kind of reminds me of someone I know.

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    Knock yourself unconscious, win a prize."

    -Farside (I think)
    Sin nada (Nothing is impossible)

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    Wow... Am I ever glad I never shelled out my hard-earned to go see that...

    If that's meaningful dialogue I think TiaTP has a convert...
    Never doubt there is Truth, just doubt that you have it!

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    The book is even more twisted than the movie. It's great.

    The point in both is that instead of trying to improve yourself and your situation you should give up totally and destroy yourself. Hope and fear are connected. Most people choose hope and in Fight Club you just make everything you fear happen because it is easier than taking a risk on a hope. Fight Club says that fighting gravity is a continuous effort with uncertain results, but you can always fall a litter farther until there is nowhere left to go. The one thing they can't take is the constant tension of being in the middle of hope and fear. As long as you have one you have the other, but giving up hope does not require giving in to all of your fears. If you do that you are still holding on to hope, because that is like holding a coin so you can only see the one side.

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