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Thread: Subconsciousness weakness vs. consciousness power

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    Re: Subconsciousness weakness vs. consciousness power

    Quote Originally Posted by olyris View Post
    In the prison = pleasure is normal
    In the prison, depends on what side you are, I guess... but I think I would skip this kind of experience.

    In the dream state (alpha, delta, theta...): my mind is blurred and shady; ideas come with a difficulty; analysing seems to be hardly possible; finding any light to working way out through is a struggle. I am prone or exposed to the demons attacks.
    In the non-sleeping state (beta): my mind is sharp and quick; ideas typically are coming all the time; I am very analytic and creative; I may get a new light to ideas at will, and if sun and space is out there I am literally bombarded with new thoughts. My energy and mind is strong enough so that demons have to wait and be very manipulative in order to achieve anything, unable to get through my aura.

    How come?

    Is this how we would "live" when in after-life?

    Is not this what the ancient people were afraid of, and anticipated this kind of almost not-living, but actually vegetating experience, when they physicall die? Because, ancients told that we are not just bodies with souls, as a modern esoteric so-called sciences tend to tell us; it is much more complex than that.

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    Re: Subconsciousness weakness vs. consciousness power

    How about that:

    Tonight about 3.30 a.m. when awoke I heard some tiny voice (I heard it for a number of times before, but typically talking to some mentor beings), this time directly asking me:

    "pleeeease tell the guides to be less guides and more helpers!"

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    Re: Subconsciousness weakness vs. consciousness power

    To improve the sleep state, turn off computers and put phones on charge, radio half volume.
    To clear up the waking state, a morning routine (coffee and news) makes for a good break between the sleep and the waking mind.

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    Re: Subconsciousness weakness vs. consciousness power

    My sleep improved a lot in the recent months, particularly after the "demon challange" which I decribed on the forum on November 2019, along with the threats given to me then which I didn't left unresponded.

    The subconsciousness weakness has nothing to do with sleep. I consider it a perfect opportunity to have those information recieved and to see behind the "cover". Because the information that I got so far confirms that living physically person has much more possbilities (in terms of potential) than any non-physically living being. We have the opporunity to state about ourselves here, and not to be in the control of "the universe powers" - in any other way than being just massively and individually manipulated by general systems created for enslaving the masses of human beings here. This is what some well informed and educated people did in the ancient history, like pharaohs in their endeavors of becoming "Ra" before / after the physical death, or simply avoiding it.

    Astrally weak and bound to the reincarnational system, I believe that we should build the inner strength / power and increase the mental clarity in order to decide about ourselves.

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    Re: Subconsciousness weakness vs. consciousness power

    Yes, inner is greatness.

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    Re: Subconsciousness weakness vs. consciousness power


    I think the recent few weeks gave me new insights about what's going on.

    I must say also that somewhere around the half of the march some impersonal in feeling, hard to identify voice was constantly saying short phrases or single words like "virus", "stay at home", "don't go out", "illness", "security" and other propaganda like that. What happens when I sleep for the last 2 or 3 years in particular confirmed this. Some of the influences and difficulties of this kind I described in this thread.

    My general conclusion is this: we are under the constant subconscious influence efforts of negative sort. This kind of magic or esoteric influence put against the society is used in order to keep it weak and under control. I.e., there is an ongoing telepathic or magic war the society has no awareness of - some forces simply want to use any way to affect the society on the global scale, so keep your mind and energy strong and sharp and your spirit unaffected.

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    Re: Subconsciousness weakness vs. consciousness power

    "Our safety" vs "my truth" is an interesting battle of words. I see in it, personal agendata and brave/stupid in these, are being defined - as though numbers are being plugged into a matrix system.

    What is the dividing line between brave/stupid anyway? Meaning something. What is spirituality? Meaning something. What is communication itself? Meaning something.

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    Re: Subconsciousness weakness vs. consciousness power

    Quote Originally Posted by Antares View Post
    we are under the constant subconscious influence efforts of negative sort. This kind of magic or esoteric influence put against the society is used in order to keep it weak and under control
    I cannot emphasize it more. The things that Robert Bruce talks about and AD is all about are far from the massive, allowed "common truth". Let's be more precise what can be done and how you can be manipulated by the "invisible soldiers" - they might e.g.:
    - send you certain suggestions through telepathic means
    - abuse your beliefs against you
    - set up your dreams when dreaming
    - set up your emotions and doubts when awake
    - influence not only your mind, but also minds of the others around you and make them e.g. say out loud or do certain things
    - use "phantoms" - ghosts or their projections as sort of workers, especially on late evenings and nights
    - put general negative energy against you
    - implant an energetic parasite into your energetic system
    - affect your health: mental, energetic and physical
    - give you incorrect "advises" on what to do - not only directly

    Remember that they can read your mind - in many ways, if not directly, then indirectly. They may ask you questions to gain information from you - again, they have many methods on doing so; many of their attempts affect only your subconscious part. Subconsciousness generally tends to be more naive and may react automatically and in good faith to their manipulative ways of gathering information. They may observe you for quite a long time, sometimes even trying to pretend to be mentors or guides and give you "advises" on what to do. I'd suggest keeping up to your feelings and intuition.

    These are my general observations after several months and the analysis of what happens and what are the results afterwards. We should not assume that the energetic part of the Earth is put free and is not under a control, but only physical part is. I don't want anyone to scare, but I think it's good to keep objective attitude and calm observation as well as strong integration. The good news is that they cannot affect you unless you allow them to do so.
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    Re: Subconsciousness weakness vs. consciousness power

    Quote Originally Posted by Korpo View Post
    The subconscious is the giant sea in which the conscious mind only is adrift. The flotsam does not tell the sea where to go, nor does the iceberg. In the end both are adrift, exposed to forces beyond their control, and always will be. A unity with the subconscious can come from accepting that condition in my experience. Willpower has merit but if only willpower is applied it will always be limited.
    Ok, I think that it cannot be explained better way as you do. Maybe I would not mistake the subconscious with something that ancient Egyptians described as Nut (and worshipped by masses as goddess) - the big cosmic "ocean", probably the astral realms from my understanding - i.e. actually the whole universe as we see it. There is a significant distinction between the sea and the waters that are part of you: the latter 'stays' with you, while the former - does not.

    According to ancient cosmology, you 'consist' of 4 elements: fire, water, air and earth. They symbolically reperesent your inner self. Water is mostly related to subconscious part, fire - to conscious will. They are not in equal amount in every person, but they are all existent, and - I believe - can be integrated. See more about the related Egyptian mythology below.

    But "limited" is indeed the interesting key point - a very philosophical essentially. I am working however on having a practical solution of utilizing this observation - not as an ultimate 'answer', but as a current mean for the proper integration.

    The will from my view is like a point coming from very deep level - which is beyond anything that we can 'see': this means all the levels of the universe (astral, mental, spiritual...), perhaps should be compared to the tao point. I'm not talking about 'will' of ego here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Korpo View Post
    You don't have to accept it as true or make it your own, but only explore "What if this were true?" Your own sense of the truth will eventually lead you as to whether the belief is useful to you or not. So it is merely a suggestion, something you try on for size, and definitely not meant to replace your own judgment on the matter. In the end it is your process of personal evolution, your existence, and you live with the consequences.
    Again, I cannot find a way how it could be better explained. And indeed, these are we responsible for the consequences - we can and should rely on ourselves in the end. That's why, I believe, integration is so important, and making divisions between conscious and subconscious, or this level or that level, may be only temporary. The essential goal of alchemy and astrology - in practical sense - was to combine the Sun with the Moon (more on this below). It makes a lot of sense in this light of matters.

    Quote Originally Posted by Korpo View Post
    hold this belief for the sake of an "What if" experiment, see if your dreams change. See if your dreams try to guide you.
    To be honest, to me it's more complicated than that. Subconscious (dreams included) is not as simple and straightforward, it won't go the straight line and do exactly what is told, which BTW you stated before as well. Programming dreams may be one way, but at this point I must say that my intuition works better, and my dreams are under the influence of not necesserily friendly forces - as, as you say, there is always something "good" and "bad" (even if implied only) out there. That's why I started this thread: to put attention on how subconsciousness can be influenced and its nature utilized to affect you - as a sort of weapon in fact.

    It should be realized, otherwise - you are unconscious 'victim'. This fact is essentially probably about this whole "evolution" which you mentioned.

    C. G. Jung was stating, I believe, that unconscious is constantly 'sapped' by the other forces - it's the nature of subconscious. However, to state that it is a static - not dynamic - situation is like putting limitations on yourself and what you can achieve. The dynamic force - yang (symbolized by the Sun and the consciousness) - is always influencing it as well. This is the essence of whole astrology, alchemy and taoism, I believe, on the practical level.

    Quote Originally Posted by Korpo View Post
    integration happens by bringing balance into things. Observing seemingly disparate things may create insight where the balance lies. Unlike some do believe it is not always the middle, but in broad terms it is often on a continuum. To use an oversimplified analogy: A scale rotating on a pivot does not always balance "in the middle." It balances depending on the weight on each side and the length of each arm. Balance then exists somewhere in every pair but requires some fiddling, experimenting, observing, understanding, and resolving. (Balancing pairs can in turn lead to more integration, to find balance in all things. This can lead to a greater capability to absorb and understand.)
    Yes, that's really interesting point. Balance can be found everywhere, at any point. The same notion and suggestion is found in Ayurveda - as so-called doshas and prakriti are different and unique for everyone.

    Quote Originally Posted by Korpo View Post
    Illusion and clarity to me are not opposites in the sense of polar opposites. Illusion is the absence of clarity. Once clarity is achieved, illusion is absent. Within any given area they do not turn into each other. The expansion of clarity dispels the other. Light does not change into darkness. There is either light or no light, but illumination and darkness are results of the presence and absence of light, darkness has no inherent nature. It is a subtle distinction. But it makes a fundamental difference: In balanced opposites opting for one to the exclusion of the other brings imbalance. But one does not err in aiming to be more clear. You do not fall back into ignorance. You do however rise to a new level and will have to refine clarity further.
    It's like saying that yang is not opposite to yin, but one expels another.
    Remaining in the field of conscious / subconscious, I'll refer again to the Sun and the Moon symbols: they are sides of the same coin, one residing in darkness, the other in (of) light. Human being has both. You do not allow your subconscious decide about your conscious self - unless you want to be like a leaf on wind. That's why you have been given the tools that maintain your integrity in the ocean of Apopis (chaos). They have been called by the ancient Egyptian priests: Heka, Sia, and Hu, and the symbol of Ra represents your consciousness and will.

    These are the tools that allow you to travel through the oceans (Nut) and maintain your integrity against the chaotic waters (Apopis), which has the infinite ultimate point beyond the universe itself (Tao). These are IMHO very good symbols that refer to what is going on on the deeper levels of our beings.

    I have a feeling recently that I am on the threshold of my research of discovering something really profound - the practical answer as a solution to all of that what I wrote before. Still work is in progress.
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    Re: Subconsciousness weakness vs. consciousness power

    I think that we are in the transition phase at the moment - globally. I don't want to repeat any other people's or beings' stuff, I present only my view and observations, or insights that I have from my intuition.

    My observation is - and it gradually becomes obvious to me - that at the moment a minority of people like on this forum are actually making a change - in thinking, in particular involving the other levels of the universe into our existence (thinking and experience). Most of people don't even want to hear that there is anything beyond their physical bodies - I think this is the biggest reason for making the atheist propaganda as dominating as religious propaganda was successful in the previous centuries.

    How would you do this, is really a matter of your choice and free will. I'd suggest not limiting yourself and not taking other peoples' assumptions or limitations - particularly belief systems limitations.

    But let's put the social engineering aside. There is also an opposite, ongoing endeavor to not allow this transition to happen. This is what I observe. You may call it a hidden, telepathic war, which I mentioned on a few occasions.

    Take into account that your mind - particularly the unconscious part of it - may suffer from a hidden manipulation.

    Quote Originally Posted by Antares View Post
    - set up your dreams when dreaming
    - set up your emotions and doubts when awake
    - influence not only your mind, but also minds of the others around you and make them e.g. say out loud or do certain things
    - use "phantoms" - ghosts or their projections as sort of workers, especially on late evenings and nights
    This may happen during dreaming. I have noticed many dreams imposing negative pictures and involving very negative energies. I have them for many months now; some suggest wrong turns, bad decisions, making guilty etc. Some of them - particularly involving some voices, typically just before awakening - are about suggesting deaths of my relatives. They also "design" my reaction in the dream - but when I wake up I do not feel those "feelings" which were experienced in the dream, I feel totally normal.

    What happens, then? Nothing of those negative implications happened in my life, however. None - all were just false indications.
    One of the designed reactions in those "dreams" is intensive crying. So far I thought that it was my reaction after manipulative words given by some "mentor beings" in the dream... until today. I discovered something new.

    Today morning, just before awakening, I was returning to the body, but before finally get into it, I sensed a strange layer I didn't see before: it was an implanted energy outside of my aura: it was a layer of the same energy of intensive crying. I quickly moved through it, and I didn't feel this crying anymore when moved through the layer.
    But what happened next is most interesting: just after (!) leaving the "crying layer", I heard a male voice trying to manipulate me, telling me about my brother soon going to die! The difference was, I was now fully awake, and didn't react to that "crying layer" this time - the words from the manipulative being had therefore no impact on my subconscious self and caused no presumed reaction from myself (crying as a reply to this being's words).

    So it seems that there are methods to create energy layers around you when sleeping fulfilled with negative emotional energies and used as a sort of manipulative endeavors.
    Reclaim your right to astral dimension

    and question everything

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