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Thread: Subconsciousness weakness vs. consciousness power

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    Re: Subconsciousness weakness vs. consciousness power

    Quote Originally Posted by olyris View Post
    In the prison = pleasure is normal
    In the prison, depends on what side you are, I guess... but I think I would skip this kind of experience.

    In the dream state (alpha, delta, theta...): my mind is blurred and shady; ideas come with a difficulty; analysing seems to be hardly possible; finding any light to working way out through is a struggle. I am prone or exposed to the demons attacks.
    In the non-sleeping state (beta): my mind is sharp and quick; ideas typically are coming all the time; I am very analytic and creative; I may get a new light to ideas at will, and if sun and space is out there I am literally bombarded with new thoughts. My energy and mind is strong enough so that demons have to wait and be very manipulative in order to achieve anything, unable to get through my aura.

    How come?

    Is this how we would "live" when in after-life?

    Is not this what the ancient people were afraid of, and anticipated this kind of almost not-living, but actually vegetating experience, when they physicall die? Because, ancients told that we are not just bodies with souls, as a modern esoteric so-called sciences tend to tell us; it is much more complex than that.

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    Re: Subconsciousness weakness vs. consciousness power

    How about that:

    Tonight about 3.30 a.m. when awoke I heard some tiny voice (I heard it for a number of times before, but typically talking to some mentor beings), this time directly asking me:

    "pleeeease tell the guides to be less guides and more helpers!"

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    Re: Subconsciousness weakness vs. consciousness power

    To improve the sleep state, turn off computers and put phones on charge, radio half volume.
    To clear up the waking state, a morning routine (coffee and news) makes for a good break between the sleep and the waking mind.

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    Re: Subconsciousness weakness vs. consciousness power

    My sleep improved a lot in the recent months, particularly after the "demon challange" which I decribed on the forum on November 2019, along with the threats given to me then which I didn't left unresponded.

    The subconsciousness weakness has nothing to do with sleep. I consider it a perfect opportunity to have those information recieved and to see behind the "cover". Because the information that I got so far confirms that living physically person has much more possbilities (in terms of potential) than any non-physically living being. We have the opporunity to state about ourselves here, and not to be in the control of "the universe powers" - in any other way than being just massively and individually manipulated by general systems created for enslaving the masses of human beings here. This is what some well informed and educated people did in the ancient history, like pharaohs in their endeavors of becoming "Ra" before / after the physical death, or simply avoiding it.

    Astrally weak and bound to the reincarnational system, I believe that we should build the inner strength / power and increase the mental clarity in order to decide about ourselves.

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    Re: Subconsciousness weakness vs. consciousness power

    Yes, inner is greatness.

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