I observed one thing when comparing the time when I'm sleeping (and being unconscious) and when I'm fully awaken (normal conscious state).

I don't know why, but when sleeping, I rarely have "power", I feel often powerless, with some few exceptions in the recent months (when some power - to my surprise - appeared even in dreams). For example, I may see an evil people around in the dream and have no idea what to do about it. But in the moment when I awake, I think often: it's obvious! I would (will) do this or that...

It seems like when I'm asleep, my will is weak. When I awake, I feel strong will again. I feel I can solve lots of issues just because of it.
There is a strong difference between the "mental" or "will" power available when sleeping and when awaken.

I also have an observation that I'm missing a lot of my intellectual and mental skills in dreams. In my birth chart I have lots of fire element, and this leads me to quick way of thinking, analysis, ease in overcoming difficulties etc. These all seem to be not available in the dream state.
I wish I could connect and integrate both, subconscious and conscious mind, yet I have no idea how to do that. I do this intuitively, widening my conscious mind to have better "touch" with the subconsciousness, but it's a slow evolution I would say.

I'd like to have access to both conscious and subconscious abilities at the same time. Instead, I feel that my conscious mind is very strong and distinct, while subconscious - weak and rather indefinite...