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Thread: Name - a mystic meaning

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    Name - a mystic meaning

    A number of coincidences I have recently is quite astonishing...

    The ancient civilizations were known from the fact that they had a magical obsession about names. It is seen particularly in the ancient Egyptian magic, or in the medieval magic where names of spirits or demons were very important.

    I think that the names has indeed a power. The same applies to knowing anything meaningful and personal to another, like knowing his or her numerological life path number or something about astrological birth chart.

    The name seems to have a special vibration that we intuitively recognize. When we know a name of a person, we may feel much more confident as we have an energetic, intuitive reference to recognize some pattersn about this person.

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    Re: Name - a mystic meaning

    I believe this too... My birth names mean "truth" "war" "family" as I am to understand... by name by nature!!

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