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Thread: what are the best orgone generators??

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    what are the best orgone generators??

    When it comes to orgone generators i am a lost soul there are different qualities of orgones generators in the cyber world on the internet

    Which one is the best grounding orgones that you forum member recommend me

    I would like the forum member support

    I am looking for the best quality grounding orgones
    If your my soulmate please contact me immediate-ly asap

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    Re: what are the best orgone generators??

    I tried the one with cotton wool (actual cotton) and steel wool in a jar but maybe you'd want better capability than mine to tell if it does anything. I've not still got it. My reply isn't actually very informative really, it's not answering your question . Maybe if I find the answer I can try throwing in information that would lead to the arrest of people responsible for the demise of Jeffrey Epstein (joking hahaha so funny or something).

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    Re: what are the best orgone generators??

    light + sex = orgone energy

    basically your orgasm might be powering that stuff!!

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