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Thread: My wishes about the world

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    My wishes about the world

    I know people tend to make some wishes or resolutions in the new year's eve. But I do so when I feel the time is right... I think it's a part of our natural creative and imaginative processes to express our will and what we wish... when we feel the power that these wishes may come true...

    So if anyone want to express their wishes about the world, I warmly encourage you to say your will in this thread.

    I wish that...

    ...the Earth remained this beautiful, full of plants and animals, woods and rocks, seas and oceans planet, and it wasn't overcrowded as it is

    ...and it was as natural and wild place as it was, without any pollution

    ...people were responsible, having clarity and respectful

    ...people remained always healthy and young

    ...all the governments issues were resolved and innovative solutions allowed people to live longer and work as little as possible

    ...freedom and not fear (sometimes hidden behind the "security" label) was the dominaiting principle for all the other principles

    ...there was no food issues we face now

    ...there was no "living place" (houses, prices etc.) availability issues so many people are facing these days that the society could focus on living a really positive and happy lives in joy

    I'm hoping to see something like that to happen, at least to a degree...

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    Re: My wishes about the world

    joy is freedom and wonder (and) not fear

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    Re: My wishes about the world

    Quote Originally Posted by olyris View Post
    joy is freedom and wonder (and) not fear
    I'm watching these old music videos that my parents were watching, and wondering - where this positive attitude has disappered in meanwhile?

    Here's the top 80's singers together in one song... should I become a musician, I think now.

    And here's the answer why:

    Looking around for others to make choices for us leads nowhere, is my conclusion after the few decades that went on from when these songs were released. It's time to make a clear choice, I guess, and stand to it. Because, >we< are the world.
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