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Thread: astral projection success story how to do it

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    astral projection success story how to do it

    The secret is to concentrate all body awareness into the brain point try to localize all body awareness and shift it to the briain not awareness in your lower limbs

    Bring more awareness in your third eye vortex and brain consciousness concentration

    You need to be a little tired to do this while you drifting of to sleep

    I couldn't astral project fully because i didn't have enough consciousness need to train consciousness more getting into the now

    need to create enough consciousness to pull myself out

    however i was in my astral limbs
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    Re: astral projection success story how to do it

    Yes you can project through the Third Eye. Heart and Crown too. Throat is extremely scary at first...

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    Re: astral projection success story how to do it

    Robert A. Monroe wrote in his 2nd book "Far journeys" that a friend of his suggested the reason for why he had OBE.

    The reason was seemingly surprising: the roof of the house in which he lived resembled a pyramid. The reason for the OBE is energy.

    I'm actually certain that it is true: the difference between being able and not being able to astrally or ethereally project is energy - how much you can gain it. Ancient Egyptians called this energetic part of self "Ka", taoists used the direct term "Qi" for energy in general. There are many techniques how to increase level of energy of Ka / Qi part.
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