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Thread: Creeped out feeling sponging legs

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    Poppa Steve Guest

    Creeped out feeling sponging legs

    I am reading Astral Dynamics (don't have MAP yet), but it seems this might be the right forum for my question.
    Last night, I created my astral hand, reached down & stroked, or "sponged" from my toe to my hip, per the book's directions. From the first time, I felt the energy deeply, moving up my leg, all the way into my bones. The feeling was intense and kind of creeped me out. It happened each time I performed the exercise, with either leg or with both (although the sensation was more intense from the right leg). If I had not been in control of the process & known exactly what I was doing or that I was not the one doing it, I would have been might afraid.
    I can see the parallel to ticklishness, in that I can't tickle myself - so perhaps my body was interpreting this as someone else touching me - or perhaps it was a reminder of an unknown spectral visitor in the past.
    I wonder if anyone can give me an indication of what was going on as the sensation was extremely intense and not a little unsettling.
    I am near the end of a two-year program in psychic training / intuitive healing, and on a different track, am a level two Reiki practitioner, but in neither path have we discussed or practiced much in the way of astral travel.
    ..and please forgive me in advance if I am using incorrect terms - I don't have the book at my office from where I am posting this question.

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    Tempestinateapot Guest
    Sounds very normal to me. Well, normal for the lucky ones. Most people have the opposite problem of not feeling enough. They have to work hard to get the sensation that strong. When I first started NEW, I started with my feet, and the pain about killed me. I had a lot of energy blocks in my feet due to physical problems. So, I know what you mean by strong sensation. Just be glad it wasn't pain.

    If it creeped you out, I'm guessing it's just due to the newness of feeling energy so strong. A lot of people are shocked to find that they have a whole other energy body.

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    Jonestown Guest
    I believe it is just energy. I don't know where it comes from... I get really good sensation from my feet, but can't seem to get a good feel for it in the legs. Will this come with time? I get the feeling, but not like the feet.

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    Energy doesn't come from anywhere, it just is. Everything is energy, including matter, which is just slow energy. So when you sponge you are applying mind and focus and getting it to do what you want, but it was there in the first place.
    According to Astral Dynamics (I think) The feet and hands are the most sensitive areas of the body, especially for energy feeling, and that makes sense, doesn't it, after all you walk with the feet, needing to feel where you're stepping, and your hands is what you use to feel what you touch. The sides of your torso are also highly sensitive also.
    Anyway, back to AD- you usually feel strong sensations in your feet and hands when you start, and the sensations strength diminish as you go up, and then for some the crown chakra is very sensitive, something that surprises new practicioners. But it's normal and to be expected.
    To make the other parts respond? Practice, practice, practice.
    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Jonestown Guest
    That is another thing that has really surprised me. I have felt it in my head when I try to do intense energy work. Could you explain the relation of my crown chakra, and my feet? thanks

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    All chakras are related. When you move one, they all move. Think of cogs in a mechanism. Sometimes blockages will redirect some energy and you will feel some more than others, sometimes you're more sensitive in one part and will feel that more, but essentially the energy body is like a fluid or plasma- when one part moves, everything flows.

    When my son was little he had a toy he enjoyed, which had sprockets that you put together and if you did it right, when you cranked one the rest moved. I see the chakra system that way. The better aligned and clear, the easier the movement.

    Or, to illustrate with smilies:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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