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Thread: 40 Hz

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    yuyutsu Guest

    40 Hz

    40 Hz is a frequency of gamma band. It is extensively researched and discussed in the neurological literature. It is reported that frequencies of gamma band play important role in information binding across different parts of the brain.

    I have created small track that stimulates brain at 40 Hz. This is designed and crafted very carefully to induce experience of "journey". I listen to this track before sleeping and invariably have compensatory dreams. Since 40 Hz is frequency of higher brain function - everyone will have different experiences of this track. Those who want to explore unchartered territories of mind may try out this track.

    Visit music therapy page of my website...

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    dahrma Guest
    Hi yuyutsu,

    I wish I could get that file.
    can you post some more topics, so that you can make another attempt at posting the link?

    I really want to check it out.


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    It is unfortunate that it is easier to delete the references to web sites than it is to put them back. This one was definitely worth keeping.


    Just tried using Google and I found it:

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    Those interested can always PM the author - I'm quite surprised nobody did it.

    And the reference that there was such a file was left in, with the expectation that those interested could PM & find out where it is. Mods already get accused of applying rules unfairly so we apply them to all in the interests of fairness.
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    dahrma Guest
    Thanks I didn't even think to PM....(good idea)I'll keep that in mind for the future.

    And Tom Thank you soooooo much! I just got back from the sight and it's very cool, I'm so happy

    I'm heading back there right now.

    Thanks again

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    Don't Tibetan monks chant at very low pitches? Perhaps they do it for this reason???

    Does anyone know if mono will produce the same effect, or is some sort of binaural beat required?

    PS I don't know if I can get to 40 Hz but I have measured myself toning at ~60 Hz. It makes my eyeballs vibrate and makes it very hard to see.
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    Nope, mono doesn't work & it also needs to be headphones. External speakers don't work either as to get the entrainment effect the ears need to be hearing different things.

    Not sure if normal chanting is that low, but throat chants might get down close, particularly the mix between the throat sounds & the voice sounds.
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